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HERO: Martha Burciaga, 91, of Durango, Mexico, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Be a good human
[What's it like being a lesbian?] I'm Ok
Im interested in gay people´s life
You can email Martha Burciaga at dostardes@hotmail.com
Wow. You have qualified to be the senior contributor to the GayHeroes Legends List! Congratulations, Martha my dear! -- Jay

HERO: Katie, 15, of Ohio, writes:
I want to help make it safer for glbt teens in school and make it so small town libraries like mine actually have some books for us. Mine doesn't and it agrivates me. :( When I get the courage up I will be requesting a copy of Rubyfruit Jungle be sent to our library. Lesbians wanna read too. :p
[What's it like being a lesbian?] I really don't know. It's just who I am. It can be scary but incredible too. I am glad I am because if I wasn't, I would have never experienced discrimination or known what it's like. I would have never known of the cool shows and celebrities I'm into. I would have never really understood all of this or cared about it. And I love it because I love loving girls :)
I just got my class ring! :) lol Good luck to everyone out there who are in the process of coming out.
You can email Katie at shorkey@hotmail.com
Hey Katie, that sounds like a great challenge! Get those books and let us know how you did it! Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Jirro, 20, of Manila, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] by amassing enough wealth and power to influence the world.
[What's it like being gay?] it's erotic. it's exihilarating. it's full of challenges. full of doubts. yet at the same time full of opportunities and full of surprises. one's thing for sure our lives will never be a bore! it brings an almost great feeling to know that you are one of a few special men and women whose as old as humanity itself and was revered and mystified as an existence of magical meaning during ancient times. to be a man-woman, to have both the spirit of the anima and the animus is almost magical in itself.

You can email Jirro at nasty_jiro@yahoo.com
Well Jirro, I trust you will use your powers only for good... :0) -- Jay

HERO: Anthony, 28, of Odessa Texas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I currently write for my University's Newspaper. I have written articles about being gay and Christian two things that are sometimes not easy to combine. I am getting my Masters in Public Administration, with that degree I want to create a non-profit HIV/AIDS awareness project and open a series of GLBT Teen Recreation Centers around the country
Being gay has it's ups and downs. I sometimes have a bit of the straight tinge...but it's only a tinge. I find the male form very pleasing so guess what I am gay. All my family and friends are very accepting of my orientation. Heck some of my friends on the Newspaper wrote Letters to the Editor and even the Editor himself in his editorial column defended my views.
I have a dream, that one day straight boys and gay boys...Lesbians and straight women can walk hand in hand and all get along.
You can email Anthony at rainbow_champ@yahoo.com
What a great dream! Make it happen, Anthony! -- Jay

HERO: Tristan, 16, of New Zealand, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Having the legislation changed so that gay people can get married, although alot of people don't worry about it how can we call ourselves a equal society?
[What's it like being gay?] Cool i am who i am and no one can change that
Open mindedness is a great thing get out and explore you never know what you might find or who you might meet!
You can email Tristan at child_of_flowers1661988@yahoo.co.nz
Well said, Tristan! I like your attitude! -- Jay

HERO: Roger, the Great, 33, of Milford, MA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] In the midst of a men world, I'm talking in a professionalism way, because to be in construction business, I buit with talent and care. I'm already conquering MASS, with my own construction company, soon I will be all over New England showing them, the toughs guys, that Queers can and do the best jobs or companies, giving better pays, better enviroments to work, better benefits. And above all make them more inteligent when recognizing our amazing leadership. Specially mine. Thanks.
[What's it like being gay?] It's intriguing and the same time amazing, however it's certainly rewarding.
Why don't the world just absorbe that the gay people are here to stay.
You can email Roger, the Great at almeidaroger@hotmail.com
Best of luck, Roger, on your quest for World Domination. -- Jay

HERO: Gibby, 50, of austin, tx, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] boosting the black gay male and the black male image whenever I hear degrading remarks amongst the group. Self esteem among black males is needed for a stronger self image and by teaching black men not to degrade other black men of whatever orientation. The black male can never make a comeback without the help of the black community showing the positive.
[What's it like being gay?] At the moment, lonely but God shall provide. Ahhhh men!
[Anything else to share?] that we all need each other to make this a better world so when we learn to communicate positvely effectively with each other, we can get the hell off this planet and get really begin to live on the other planets. There are plenty of them for us to inhabit. So what's holding us up?
You can email Gibby at wgibby@hotmail.com
Ahhhh men to that! -- Jay

HERO: Alexander (No I'm not kidding), 17, of Washington, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm hoping to make it big in the movies as an actor and become one of the rare few who doesn't get corrupted by the lime-light.
[What's it like being gay?] I think it's more fun and interesting, all the heterosexual males I know don't look very happy.
I've never been in a relationship and am desperate to find a gay guy who's not feminine.
You can email Alexander (No I'm not kidding) at Yume_Kaze@hotmail.com
Don't be desperate, Alexander, your Hephaestion will come along. -- Jay

HERO: Ken, 17, of pittsburg, ca, writes:
im one of the few people who have manners. geez kids these days just don't have any manners whatsoever.
what's it like being gay? nothing too dramatic. live my life just like any straight person, im a little conservative though. i dunno i live in the bay area, ain't that big a deal around here haha..
i can't wait to meet my alexander and be his hephaistion (even with the typhus and all) as long as he dies conmigo!
You can email Ken at
And I'm sure your manners are making the world a fabber place. How do you know you won't meet your Hephaistion and be his Alexander? -- Jay

HERO: Tonianne B, 14, of , writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am holding a plant a tree day on arbor day to try and bring awareness to my community about what is going on to the rainforests. I am also going to hold an endangered wildlife in north america day to try and bring awareness to people about the endangered anumals in north amercia and what can be done to help them.
[What's it like being gay? (Tonianne is straight)]I guess it's the same as being a straight person you just like people in the same sex as you.
I'm a huge wildlife enthusiast and I welcome any ideas to help me turn this materialistic world into a place where everyone and everything can learn to live together in peace, icluding the poor animals.
You can email Tonianne B at punkfreak3790@optonline.net
Excellent, Tonianne, get out there and change the world! -- Jay

HERO: Carla , 18, of Toronto, Ontario, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am planning to take a trip to Macedonia and follow the exact route that Alexander the Great did while conquering the "world" on horse back..... i know it wont make me a hero.. but it will be fun ^_^

You can email Carla at princess_attitude1234@hotmail.com
Hey Carla -- If you can travel 22,000 miles on horseback you sure will be a hero! I hope that soon the world is a safe enough place for you to do it! -- Jay

HERO: Jason, 27, of Bloomington, Illinois, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I will write a book that will show the heterosexual world that being gay is cool. It will break down barriers, draw people together and make the world a better place.
[What's it like being gay?] Life can be tough at times, but things gets easier the more I accept myself for who I am.
[Anything else?] I have a perfect, swimmer's body- and his name is ****.
You can email Jason at
Hey Jason -- the **** is because we can't mention people's names without their permission. But I sure am jealous! Have you started writing that book yet? -- Jay

HERO: Sandra, 16, of Germany, writes:
I will get people to stop making such a fuss about sexuality. I mean, why is the people other people fall in love with so important for some people...? I just don't get it. Further I will be a great psychologist and I plan to help a lot of people with it. Aaaand I'm going try to make people more tolerant and open-minded. Also I will help to make Adam Bush (Warren on buffy) more famous =)
I decided not to define my sexuality because it just doesn't matter. Who knows, I might think I'm straight and suddenly the perfect girl comes along and I would have to change the lable I put on myself... I generally don't like lables like that...they're just seperating one group from another.
As long as people don't hurt anyone, break laws with their behaviour, or try to influence other people in a fanatic manner...just let them do their thing! And yay for body modification.
You can email Sandra at
Thank you, Sandra! I'm also all for body modification through chocolate. -- Jay

HERO: Michelle/Michael, , of Dallas, Texas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I started a Gay-Straight Alliance at my school and host small Transexual rallies to let people see that they're not alone.
[What's it like being a FTM transsexual?] Dressing up and acting like a boy and then LIKING boys isn't easy in public society, especially in Texas. I try to let people judge me by who I am, instead of by my sexuality.
This site rocks!
You can email Michelle/Michael at UUElf@yahoo.com
Excellent, Michelle/Michael! You rock too!

HERO: Stephanie , 20, of Massachusetts, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Get Same-sex Marrige legal everywhere and eliminate the Dont ask dont tell policy
[What's it like being a lesbian?] I really dont mind it
go see the movie i am going to see i hope friday
You can email Stephanie at Simple_chic_84@yahoo.com
I think both those goals will be reached in a matter of time -- but you're right, Stephanie, we've gotta work for them! And yup, see Alexander! I did! -- Jay

HERO: mickey, 16, of trundle nsw aus, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] well im planning to make all homosexuals have the rights of straights.
[What's it like being gay? (Mickey is straight)] well being gay would be fun but bi would be better
[Anything else?] well i think that simon james from trundle and wade jenkins from trundle was being a generalist. not all people in this town are homophobes, just most. i dont and i have a couple of friends who dont mind gays
You can email mickey at booruz@yahoo.com.au
Excellent, Mickey! Thanks for writing in and I'm glad the town of Trundle NSW is so well represented by such fine young men. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Marie, , of KS, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] To raise my daughter (3 months atm) to be open minded and accepting of who she is, and of others who may be different from her, because I believe that may be the key to true happiness and peace. And my greatest wish is for her to be happy! A gay friend of mine and her gf watch her while I'm at work in the evening, and I'm sure she gets more love and attention than she would at a daycare.
[What's it like being gay?] I'm straight so I dunno, but listening to my gay friends gives me some idea on what it's like. I think it depends a lot on where you live.

You can email Marie at
Thanks, Marie, looks like there's hope for the new generation! -- Jay

HERO: zack, 21, of malaysia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] no idea
[What's it like being bi?] men also sexy then women
[Anyhing else?] no
You can email zack at din_cromox@yahoo.com
Zack!!! Wake up, brother! Get out there and make the world a better place! You can do it! -- Jay

HERO: Mikiko, 15, of Canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm going to become a writer, healer and human rights/religious freedom activist. I'm sick of seeing people suffer for having a different belief or physique and I'm going to make a difference.
[What's it like being bi?] It is difficult, seeing as homophobic people and uneducated individuals believe that gay or lesbian people are attracted to *all* members of the same sex. Because i'm attracted to girls, people automatically assume i'm a lesbian, which isn't bad but i wish they wouldn't assume things of me. Still, i love every minute of it and wouldn't want to be any other way.

You can email Mikiko at featheredsoul@hotmail.com
I like your determination,, Mikiko! -- Jay

HERO: Simon, 17, of England, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] Being the best linguist and fighting for Gay marriages everywhere and destroying taboo!
[What's it like being gay?] It's ok, in my school there are loads of gay people, but there are still some prats. My mum isn't too good with the whole gay thing but I dont care either.

You can email Simon at
Excellent, Simon, I bet those prats (?) and your mum will come around some day. -- Jay

HERO: Sheila, 43, of Florida, writes:
I am a Christian and I have read the bible and feel that homosexuality is wrong, however.... we all sin. I try to practice love as taught by Jesus, not tolerance. Tolerance is live and let live, love means that even if I think you are wrong I love you and if you need anything I am there for you. Love should be an action word!

You can email Sheila at
Thanks, Sheila! Love as taught by Jesus is the greatest thing in the world! And remember, Jesus never said ANYTHING about homosexuality. Do you think that's because he didn't know about it? I think it's because he knows that gay people can be just as holy (or as unholy) as straight people. -- Jay

HERO: WADE JENKINS, 16, of Trundle, NSW, Australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Make people understand that everyone has rights , and people should respect that. Also have the same rights as hetrosexual couples
[What's it like being gay?] People in this town have the mentality of people in the 14th century, they are so backwards in their ideas, also the people i go to school with don't understand either and many think that it is a passing phase!!
People can suck really bad but then there are people who are cool sometimes i think what the hell is wrong with this F@#*ed up world??
You can email WADE JENKINS at vodoo_witch88@yahoo.co.uk
Yup, it's true people in small towns are more conservative, just because there's less diversity there. That's why lots of homos migrate to the big cities. Cheers, mate! -- Jay

HERO: Derek Adkison, 17, of Braymer, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I wrote poetry about gay people and I am in a club that tries to recruit people into realizing that "gay is the way"
[What's it like being gay?] It is so amazing! My boyfriend and I do way more and feel way more than I ever could with a girl. Guys just know how to hit the spot.
You can email Derek Adkison at
Hey Derek -- Thanks for being so open about how you feel. I'm sure you agree, though, that "gay isn't the way" for everyone, and that guys "know how to hit the spot" for YOU -- not everyone feels that way. Honesty is great, just don't forget the other 90+% of the world out there! -- Jay

HERO: Simon James, 16, of Aus, N.S.W, Trundle, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Have the church accept that no matter what, gay people should be allowed to be married and not be condemmed by homophobics
People in my class really have no idea what is like being gay, i live in a small town and there is this huge thing about people being "straight" although not spoken and they don't speak about homosexuals. they think that its wrong on all levels
Sometimes people just s**k (pardon the pun) i mean why the hell can't they get over it!!??
You can email Simon James at vodoo_witch88@yahoo.co.uk
Yep, it's a slow process. Certainly in the big cities, people are getting over it, but as the recent elections here in the U. S. show, in small towns, and among the religious, people are still very negative about homos. But cheer up -- it IS changing! -- Jay

HERO: Morrow, 16, of Tucson, Arizona, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] HA! That's easy! Since I am a artist and My girlfriend gives me ideas, I will animate cartoons that feature GAY relationships! In my highschool, I have a comic which features 2 characters who are male and love each other....
Oh! And my other online comic, which features lots and lots of gay relationships, Will be published once my girlfriend gets her computer fixed. It's going to be a sorta sad comic though.... I can't really give an URL because The HTML is not completed yet...
[What's it like being gay?] Uhm... Well, I hide it alot from everybody. I hide lots of things because I'm a loner =( >O Just you wait till I get famous from my drawings! *shakes fist*
You can email Morrow at misskat123@hotmail.com
Don't your high school pals assume you're gay if you draw a gay comic strip? Don't hide -- express yourself & be honest! *thrusts fist into the air & gives Morrow a hearty clap on the back* -- Jay

HERO: Elizabeth A. Cherry, 15, of North Vernon,Indiana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I hate people who treat gays, bisexuals, and lesbians like they don't have feelings. They make fun of them because of their sexuality. I don't understand why they have to put other people down!!!!!!
I think that being gay/lesbian is no differnt than being straight I'm not gay or lesbian but they are human!!!
I'm done! nothing more to share..
You can email Elizabeth A. Cherry at none
Hating people isn't going to make the world more fab. What can you say to them to encourage them to accept everybody as equals? -- Jay

HERO: Ricki, 18, of Wales, Britian, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Im going to be the first ever gay Guitar God, since there isnt one (hmmm kirk hammett might be bi) lol big headed i know :-)
[What's it like being gay?] Apart from falling in love with str8 guys i guess its kinda cool, and i think we have far better fashion sense than any of you str8 guys lol :-) allthough i must admit i am a fashion victim, well im not ashamed of it and im proud to be gay!
god i just loooove Anthony Stewart Head (giles from buffy) he is just so hoooot !
You can email Ricki at
Rock on, Ricki! -- Jay

HERO: Amanda Zwicker, 14, of North Vernon,Indiana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Make it possible for gays and lesbians to live out their lives without the harrassment of others.
I am straight. But I have to say that I HATE when people lash out at bis,gays,and lesbians. I have a friend who is bi, and everyone treats him like he's diseased or something. IT DOESN'T MATTER! IT'S NOT WHO THEY ARE! IT'S JUST A PART OF WHAT MAKES THEM WONDERFUL AND UNIQUE!
You can email Amanda Zwicker at jesse_luver921@hotmail.com
You are welcome, Amanda! -- Jay

HERO: Loz, 20, of Lincoln, England, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] well, i teach, i am a lifeguard, im a beaver scout leader, i am a tattooed pierced small girly person who is goin2dress as a fairy princess 4 Xmas! yay! special, no?
[What's it like being bi?] u get choice, people ask u all sorts (i love answerin questions!) BUT the bad thing is people automatically ask for threesomes.....NO! dammit NO!
i am actually with a v caring kind sweet sexy bloke right now, who knows bout evrything i hav done/ i do, but i am still in touch with my bi side! wish me luck...
You can email Loz at swedish_p0rn_star@hotmail.com
Well best of luck to you, small girly beaver-leader that you are! -- Jay

HERO: J Larry Rivera, 46, of Mission Viejo, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being a nurse.
[What's it like being gay?] Just the best!
[What else?] Wish someone would do a comprehensive scholarly work about the Sacred Band of Thebes. Alexander's special ops unit that was composed of brave gay lovers. Very fierce and phenomenal military men.
You can email J Larry Rivera at larzsystem@yahoo.com
Well why don't you? I hope they'll be portrayed in the Alexander the Great movie. -- Jay

HERO: Lizz, 14, of Jersey, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i will write the first-ever lesbian love story and pubish it. No matter what, i will do anything to make people accept gays, etc. for who they are.
[What's it like being bi?] i'm proud of it, but my mom dosen't understand. my girfriend supports me.

You can email Lizz at colouroftherainbows@yahoo.co.uk
Well I hope you can use the poetry of Sappho as an inspiration for your writing! Cheers -- Jay

HERO: revel, 45, of Spain, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] teaching english
[What's it like... being gay?] wonderful

You can email revel at
Gracias, Sr. Revel. -- Jay

HERO: Christopher Vahe Shapiro Chooljian, 19, of CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am the president of my college's Queer Club. I founded my high school's Gay/Straight Alliance. I give talks in classes about queer issues. I plan to teach high school and continue activism.
[What's it like being gay?] I am a transexual gay man. So it is very difficult, particularly since I'm also a Christian. I did not fully realize any of this until some months ago. So people's expectations of me are quite different.
Christianity and Homosexuality are thought to conflict. The constant battles between transgender, homosexuals, and Christians is just frustrating and need to end. We are all God's children, we are all members of the queer community, why must we fight?
You can email Christopher Vahe Shapiro Chooljian at ChristheImportal@yahoo.com
Hey, CVSC, you sure have had an heroic struggle so far and I expect there's lots more ahead for you. Your courage and strength are inspirational. Cheers, my bro! -- Jay

HERO: Shana , 25, of Georgia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab... ] I am going to be a teacher. I hope to influence young children to be tolerant of each other and to be respectful of each other. I am a republican and mostly I am very conservative. I want the gay community to know that being republican does not necessarily mean that you hate people that are different. We can disagree and still respect each other. I have known some really great gay men and women. We have been able to overcome our differences by respecting each others boundaries. IF the world could follow suit can you imagine the outcome.
[What's it like being gay? (Shana is straight)] I think that it must be a difficult life to endure. You have to be a strong person to overcome the obstacles that face you. Good luck in all your endeavers.

You can email Shana at
You are so right, Shana, a little tolerance could make the whole world a lot better! Thank you! -- Jay

HERO: alex, 14, of charlotte, nc, writes:

(What's it like being gay?) the humiliation and discrimination is worth it all im proud of what i am and no one not even my mother can stop me from being me
be proud, and shout it out loud, im gay and its ok -- when i heard alexander the great was gay i felt proud of being me even more and having that name.
You can email alex at
That is EXACTLY why I made GayHeroes.com, Alex, so that gay heroes of today (like you!) could be proud to relate to the gay heroes of the past. Thank you sir, you have made my day. No one can humiliate you, not even your mom! Just keep being certain that you are Alexander (the Great!), perfect and beautiful just as God made you. Now get out there and conquer the world. -- Jay -- p.s. -- the Alexander the Great movie is coming out soon!

HERO: Ryan, 27, of Palm Springs, California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Sharing my personal mantra with the world, "The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all." Of course, I didn't come up with that. Jawaharlal Nehru did.
[What's it like being gay?] Wouldn't change a thing, even if I had the chance. Got rid of some really annoying family members by coming out. And married (well, not quite) a man that makes life worth living.
Be proud of who you are!
You can email Ryan at ruhlenkott@desertaidsproject.org
It all sounds pretty fab to me, Ryan! -- Jay

HERO: Filip-Gustav, 38, of Brussels, Belgium, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Just love each other as we are...
[What's it like being gay?] It feels great... Of course I am raised in a very liberal country (one of the two countries in the world where gay marriage is legal ..., the so-called most powerful politician of this country is gay, ...). I have a lovely boyfriend who's my parents favorites... What does one want more in live?
Bush get into the bushes together with Osama and other queer-hating fools... I'll volunteer to put the bushes on fire... Nope, I am to lovely for that. Just let's love eachother...
You can email Filip-Gustav at filip9266@yahoo.com
Yes sir, you are TOO lovely! -- Jay

HERO: Carlos, 29, of Mexico City, writes:
I think it could be a better and wonderful world if all of the people could accept that we all are different!!! In Mexico City people is getting more open minded, not as much as we´d wish but it´s the beginning. I trust no matter we are gay we are going to be accepted not for our preferences but our minds and skills.
[What's it like being gay?] Well it was kind of hard in the very beginning because I thought no one knew about me, hehehehe, whatta surprise when my parents made me tell them the whole truth it was a very stressful situation but fortunately I was able to go through it; my mom told me not to be afraid and also said...did you think that we were going to put you on a cross??? since then I relieved my pain and now I´m very happy trying to enjoy myself as I can always being careful.
A man, what a wonderful creature!!!
You can email Carlos at carlospro25@hotmail.com
Your mom sounds like quite a hero. -- Jay

HERO: Guan-Yin, 18, of England, writes:

I love me and being gay is just another little part of who I am and who i love
"Good night my dear one Angels guard thee God protect thee My love enfold thee All the night through" I think that is beautiful and I wanted to share that piece of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok's love story!
You can email Guan-Yin at
Thanks, Guan-Lin, that is beautiful! -- Jay

HERO: Jessica, 18, of Spain, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm actually going to join the air force soon. Even while I may not enjoy the current guy in charge, I still love my country.
[What's it like being a lesbian?] Woo. It's more exciting than a barrel of monkeys thats for sure. But in the end, its lovely.
Great site, learned a few things!
You can email Jessica at supercrackhead@hotmail.com
Way to go, Jessica -- I'm sure we can use more supercrackheads in the military! I'm a Air Force Brat; my dad was an Air Force lifer --it's a great life and it'll be an amazing experience for you I'm sure. -- Jay

HERO: Hildebrandt, 14, of Bellaire,TX, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] To be a great statesman.
[What's it like being gay?] Great and terrible.
{Anything else?] no.
You can email Hildebrandt at
Some great statesmen were men of few words, just like you, Mr. H. Go get 'em! -- Jay

HERO: Cassie, 19, of Worcester, Mass, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] protesting against Bush and others who feel gays shouldn't marry and anyone that's for gay bashing or hate crimes and get this bill for hate crimes passed.
[What's it like being lesbian?] Its been tough i have been gay bashed right in school but my parnets have been kewl about and my grandmother disowns me.
Im getting married yay for me
You can email Cassie at dyke_life_4_life@yahoo.com
That's quite an agenda, Cassie! Way yay for you!!! -- Jay p.s. Cassie was my grandmother's name -- I bet your grandma will come around someday.

HERO: Ivany, 60, of Munich, Germany, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Don't want to get old and alone. Younger friends keep you young, so we all should have nice good young friends and should help them around us in our lives; be it good or bad. Teach people to make LOVE and not WAR.
[What's it like being bi?] It's like a sausage; has two ends,but you must make them meet. Give it a try, but don't break the sausage.
[What else?] Warmth and comfort, but not only through a blanket..! Don't want anyone to die being a virgin. Email contacts with younger people would be appreciated. Enjoy sex, but be always protected.Both girls & Boys should think this way.
You can email Ivany at ivany_mike_munich@yahoo.de
Um, sausage? Hmm. -- Jay

HERO: Genevieve, 16, of Manhattan, writes:
World needs to be more openminded. I have some family in Jamaica who are very closed minded...the country itself is infamous for killing gays..men in particular. And yet,the people call themselves Christian. Doesn't make any sense. I say choose a path. Be open minded. Its the best way to go.
Im bi....its cool, Im an artist..i have girls who are bi or lesbian in my original story line. Yet unlike the people in the real world, my characters accept each other for who they are. So lets all be like crayons. Some are blue and some are black, some are yellow and some are pink. Some are blunt and some are pointy. And yet they all live together in one happy little box :)
Yeah if you're gonna email me indicate in the subject who you are and where you found my email..cuz weeks from now im bound to forget. ;)
You can email Genevieve at kickazzchick2001@aol.com
Thanks Genevieve! -- Jay

HERO: Cheryl, 14, of Los Angeles, California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I want to teach people to accept gay and lesbians and treat them like individuals.
[What's it like being bi?] I love it! all my friends at school know and they are perfectly fine with it. the only problem is that I haven't told my parents yet.
[What else?] I love to sing and I am a huge anime freak.
You can email Cheryl at cfzgrld@adelphia.net
Not to worry, your parents will find out when you're ready. Thanks for writing, Cheryl!

HERO: Lexi and Becca, , of Lincoln, California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] We're planning to start a gay-straight alliance in Lincoln, a generally non-tolerant city and high school.
[What's it like being lesbians?] Lexi-it's fabulous! (and a bit difficult to hide around my grandparents.) Becca-My best friend Lexi is a lesbian..... and it's cool because I get to help out with gay pride stuff.
Becca - I wish I had been born a gay guy!!! Lexi - Pride rocks! Pretty rainbow.... By the way, I just found www.godhateshomophobes.com people should go there! It's REALLY funny!
You can email Lexi and Becca at
Thanks, Lexi & Becca! This is the first time we've had a tag-team post! -- Jay

HERO: Jonathan Lee, 13, of Saint Louis, Missouri, writes:
I recently just came out (may 19th) and I've had a great coming out expierence. I hope that my success will insipre others to come out as well. I really don't want to get into politics, so I'm just going to be the nicest person I can be and try to make the world a more accepting place.
[What's it like being gay?] It's very cool! Suddenly all the girls want to be my friend and such. Guys, well guys will be guys they're just funny in the way they react, not really bad just non shalont.
Don't hold in your orientation, tell people (unless you live in a homophobic area) I was lukcy one of my principals happened to be gay and inspired me to come out.
You can email Jonathan Lee at macguy815@sbcglobal.net
Excellent Jonathan Lee, I'm totally proud of you, you big dude, you! Congrats also to your principal -- now you will be a big inspiration to others. You're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: Der Nikolaus, 23, of Sardinia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm helping people to reach their true themselves, to find their way to peace-of-mind and co-operation. everyone should be glad of WHO he is, and of the riches of this fab-world
[What's it like being gay?] that's my normal being, neither awful nor marvellous, simply the right thing. but I'm gay just politically, since my body and mind have no limits regarding who to fall in love with.
[What else?] be just what you are; it's the simple law which governs life
You can email Der Nikolaus at
Thanks, DN, -- I think you're our first guy from Sardinia! -- Jay

HERO: Angel, 27, of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, writes:
As a writer growing up, I had no template of gay life except what I heard through my Minister Father. It took years before I realized that being gay did not mean I was a pansy or a limpwristed "fag" Through my stories, I hope to give gay teens a light at the end of the tunnel. To stand up and shout enough is enough. And to show them to be yourself above what society deems is gay.
[What's it like being gay?] I wake up gay everyday. It's nothing really special. I work, I laugh a lot. I try to be a good person though most times I fail. I search for love outside a one night stand and usually go to bed alone but still happily gay.
James Dean was once quoted after being asked about his sexuality, "Why should I live my life with one hand tied behind my back?"
You can email Angel at fireangel197502@yahoo.com
Wow, that's a great quote, Angel! thanks for writitng! -- Jay

HERO: Fiona, 37, of Scotland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] Plant more trees
[What's it like being gay?] Lonely in some ways, 'cos I don't know any other gay men trapped in female bodies. But it's got its advantages, 'cos there was nothing to stop me marrying a man. How weird is that, huh?
Could you do a page of fictional gay heroes, to inspire us? E.g. Achilles & Patroclus, Roland & Oliver, Starsky & Hutch
You can email Fiona at fionacourtney@postmaster.co.uk
That sure is interesting, Fiona. But why don't YOU do a fictional GayHeroes page? -- Jay

HERO: wayne, , of weaver, alabama, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] volunteers at the local HIV center
[What's it like being gay?] It can be difficult at times but having a partner to lean on really makes it easier.

You can email wayne at sales@waynestowels.com
Thanks, Wayne! If I ever need a microfiber towel I'll know who to call! -- Jay

HERO: HRG, 17, of MA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I hope to follow in the footsteps of Handel & Lully. I want to write an opera some day, a gay version of Romeo & Juliet (I just need to find a gay man who speaks Italian!).
[What's it like being gay?] I'm closeted. It is generaly good, but there are times when it can be quite difficult.
You don't happen to know of any gay mathamaticians do you?
You can email HRG at
The movie "A Beautiful Mind" starring Russell Crowe as John Nash, was controversial because the Ron Howard film left out the part about Nash being gay. Apparently Alan Turing was famously gay. If you google "A Beautiful Mind" "gay" you'll get lots of info. -- Jay p.s. click on "Ask Marilyn" on the gayheroes home page and read what she has to say about coming out.

HERO: Nigel Humphreys, 38, of MANCHESTER, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am a sculptor and presently sculpting an Alexander the Great sculpture in battle and a Gladiator bust. I love to bestow great sculptures upon the world.
[What's it like being gay?] It's superb! If God came to me tomorrow and made me 100% straight I would be quite angry and ask him to change me back the way I was.

You can email Nigel Humphreys at NigelHumphrey1@AOL.Com
Very good, sir -- I'm sure your fellow gay sculptor Michelangelo is watching over you. -- Jay

HERO: sergio di laker, 21, of slovenia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] now I work in one of the best hotel in slovenia,as a waiter and I am planning to go to england to become a butler. in the future I am planning to share with the world my story about, how is it to be a gay in our world.
[What's it like being gay?] for me is hard to be a gay men because some of the people in my area of school, home, well they see me as a disqousting thing, they even think I am a devile.
But I'm not I'm very romantic sensitive boy and I love animals, nature, people, so I cannot be Osama bin Laden like some people think.
You can email sergio di laker at sergej_jezernik@hotmail.com
Hey Sergio, thanks so much for writing! Best of luck on your chosen path! Cheers -- Jay

HERO: if u only knew, 13, of NY, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] *sigh* not sure....I m some where between lawyer and demi god....
[What's it like being gay?] haha awsome (I m not out yet) especially when we have to get changed for gym hehehe * snicker*
liking straight guys is horrible because they tend to like ur bestfriend who is a girl...also flirting with straight men without them realizing they're flirting is quite amusing do try...
You can email if u only knew at lalala@lala.com
Don't worry, sir, you have plenty of time to sort things out. Take your time and enjoy. And for sound advice on coming out, click the "Ask Marilyn" link on the GayHeroes home page. Cheers, brotha! -- Jay

HERO: Francis Killjoy, 16, of Sacramento, California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] On my hit list is: author, actor, director, musician, artist, poet. Later in life will come politics and diplomacy. I will also be a moderate gay icon.
[What's it like being gay?] Coming out was a blast!! Being gay is one of the most fun things I've ever done- it gets one so much attention and respect.
Alexander the Great is a god.
You can email Francis Killjoy at kasmander@care2.com
Excellent, Francis, I agree with you about Alex (and so did he!). -- Jay

HERO: Jay, 41, of Ireland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Spread a little love, it's cheaper than bullets!!!!
[What's it like being gay?] If I wasn't I wouldn't have met my boyfriend/soulmate (luv ya).
As a philosophy student, it struck me the other day; if the bible is the "word of God", then why did neither "God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit" ever write anything in the bible. It is a book that contains writings on other peoples interpretations of what they believe to be, rightly or wrongly, what the "word of God" is. [Just sharing an observation]
You can email Jay at jayboy104@hotmail.com
Hmmmm.... -- Jay

HERO: Chloe, 16, of Slidell, LA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Convince the world that French people have a reason to think we're stupid.... Just because they don't want to storm in and bomb people doesn't mean they're wrong.
But seriously, the day this country stops being so bloody homophobic I'm throwing a huge party and wearing my gay pride ribbon and dancing the night away, because if there's one thing I've noticed since I moved to this country (from Australia), it's that America is such a closeted nation... in many ways!
Ho hum... ELVIS LIVES BABY! Don't give up on China, the Middle Kingdom's getting there (watch for 2008). I AM a princess no matter what my mother says. One day my Tiher and I will meet again, and finally (enfin), VIVE LA FRANCE!
You can email Chloe at frollo_lives@hotmail.com
Trés formidable, Chloe! -- Jay

HERO: Heywood Jablomie, 23, of New York, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Eating. But not ween, cuz I'm not gay.
[What's it like being gay?] I'm not gay....
[Anything else to share?] OKAY, OKAY! I'M GAY!!!!
You can email Heywood Jablomie at
Normally I'd have deleted this in a heartbeat. But it cracked me up, what can I say. Thanks, Mister Jablowme. -- Jay

HERO: Katherine, 16, of Minot, North Dakota, writes:
I'm working on setting up the first student group for a safe school in North Dakota ...I also slowly subvert my friends to being openminded. I also hope to help anyone who is afraid of coming out.
For many many years I was I was scared to death of being a lesbian...in my family (I know this sounds odd) you're supposed to be bi...being bi is okay, but if you say you're gay, then you're wrong I pretended for years until I met my first girlfriend...she showed me it's okay to be who I am, ...it's you, and it makes you happy, and the only thing wrong with it is pretending you're something else.
This is a revolutionary time...the time of hiding and silence is over. Stand up and be heard. P.S. If anyone has suggestions for GSA related things, or anything like that, please do e-mail me :)
You can email Katherine at wearethemachinesoftomorrow@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing, Katherine! -- Jay

HERO: Steph, 16, of Guam, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] I just want to show my perspective on things and hope that people stop to think about it.
I am Catholic but I grew up learning that God loves everyone and that he made everyone and that everyone was made equal. If homosexuals, bisexuals,etc. did not come out then I bet u that no one would say anything they only have a problem because these people chose to come out and be different. Some people are afraid of change.
I believe in being urself and that if God made you and me and he made all of us different then God made us all the way we were supposed to be. (that includes sexuality)
You can email Steph at
I agree, Steph, some people are afraid of things that are different or unfamiliar. They should just GET OVER IT! Cheers, m'dear. -- Jay

HERO: Man from Guyana, 32, of Georgetown, Guyana, South America, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] working hard against all forms of violence and against aids; working from behind the closet to deal with homophobia, sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. i hate being gay, but funny enough, i got involved in some work because i wanted to 'purge my sins'.
i hate being a coward and not coming out to people around me. i hate having to write this anonymously. but i am really proud of the people here who are doing so well, and the gay men and women in places like Jamaica and in parts of the US where homophobia is tough.
this is a great site, there are many other heroes in recent times who do great things. it is good to meet everyone here.
You can email Man from Guyana at wish i could
Thanks, Man from Guyana. I appreciate that not all cultures are easy to "come out" in. It's really sad to hear you say "i hate... ihate... i hate..." -- that's no way to live! I hope you can find inner freedom some day. -- Jay

HERO: Lydia, 15, of Florida, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Takoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mo watashitachi sekai wo kaeru. Even if the two if us get separated, we will change the world. I plan on revolutionizing the world, to reach a higher plane of revelation in which age, background, gender, and orientation are all so 20th century.
[What's it like being a "pansexual"] Kinda freaks people out when I flirt with the same sex, but then again, I'm a freaky person.
[What else?] I have a paper due on Julius Caesar versus Alexander the Great in about fourteen hours.
You can email Lydia at necrostitches@yahoo.com
Excellent Lydia, I hope you get straight (!?) "A"s. -- Jay

HERO: mr naumowich, 49, of crown point, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] teaching world history at lowell high school just so i can make kids smart and get by in this world
its nice being gay everyone knows and thats the way i like it
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can email mr naumowich at
I like a cheerful guy. -- Jay

HERO: Mystikeros, 4,700 yrs, of Toronto, Canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Writer/filmmaker/artists (but I really wanted to be a scholar) ..Time to take back our heroes! And invent some new ones. Workin' on it; any potential collaborators in Toronto (or elsewhere)-- love to hear from you! Remember what 'Roy Batty' (Bladerunner) said: "I have in mind something a little more radical."
Gay is great; it's also the future. But NOT being "Hetero" in this world is a major bitch. I take it as my purpose in life to create/retell human stories of male love that are so 'naturalistic' that even str8 guys will be drawn to them.
[Anything else?] Single WM, 46/169/5'11", go-T'd furrywolf, iconoclastic city-destroyer with wicked tongue, wild imagination, and a diabolical mind...
You can email Mystikeros at sorcerorsring@excite.com
Thanks for writing, Mystik; I'd respond myself but it's just one of my rules that I never date guys who are over 4,500. -- Jay

HERO: Virean Rose, , of Flint, MI, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] At the moment, learning as much as possible that can help me make changes. But I wish to write a lot about being GLBTQ in cool ways. Lately, its been mostly poetry, but I want to write a novel about, well, just people.
[What's it like being bi?] Very fun. I've got a great group of straight friends and my GLB friends are absolutley fabulous. Its like a never ending journey of who I am, as well as a feeling of courage when I realize all I've been put through because of it (I, for a year, went to a school that didnt allow GLBTs...*shudder*) and all I've been able to learn through being bi.
[What else?] God, this site is fun.
You can email Virean Rose at
Thanks, VR! -- Jay

HERO: Kimberly, 24, of Winchester, Ky, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] First off, trying to get Bush out of office. Then just taking a stand and letting another voice be heard.
[What's it like being lesbian?] I love it, obviously. I thought that coming out to my family and friends was going to be alot harder than what it was. The majority of them told me they already knew. That was such a sigh of relief.
Take everything one day at a time. Everything has a strange way of working out in its own time. Don't stress over things you cant control.
You can email Kimberly at ksweetone655@yahoo.com
Sounds like some pretty good philosophy, Kimberly. -- Jay

HERO: Cliff Barrett, 16, of Louisville, KY, writes:
Write, Destroy televison and Hollywood, Legalize pot and prostitution, be a prostitute,make America smarter, bring back good music...
[What's it like being bi?] It's just sex, it's all in fun, people take it way too seriously...

You can email Cliff Barrett at
Sure, it's all fun until someone gets hurt. But I'm with you all the way on the destroy television part. -- Jay

HERO: Jayden, 17, of New Jersey, writes:
I am an aspiring artist and wood carver and sculptor. Plus I play guitar and the ocarina.
[What's it like being gay?] It's ok, although i haven't come out to my family yet. Otherwise i love it, it gives me a whole new perspective on the world.
I write music, short stories, songs, and poetry. And i'm a parttime tattoo designer. ^_^
You can email Jayden at greyeyedprince29@yahoo.com
Excellent, Jayden! You sound like a true Renaissance Man. -- Jay

HERO: Margaret, 57, of Utah, writes:
As a young person, my best friend and also my cousin was a lesbian. She was/is a wonderful person. When she came out and had her first relationship, the family was up in arms! I didn't get it, what was wrong with one person loving and caring about another person?
As I have grown, I have experienced the ignorance of so many people. I think the ignorance comes from not wanting to know. We are not so different at all, gays and straights, I find it sad we have to separate ourselves, when we are ALL just human beings. I don't like mean people whatever/whoever you might be!
One day, a very flamboyant gay young man walked past a friend and myself. She said to me "Don't you just hate gay people?" I turned to her and said "I don't know, I haven't met them all" then I walked away! She hasn't talked to me since, it's not a loss. Peace and Love to all!
You can email Margaret at
Thanks for writing, Margaret, what great insights. Peace and love back at you! -- Jay

HERO: Nate, 28, of San Francisco Bay Area, writes:
Living my life by the golden rule is not always easy. As we all know there are many people who don't like who we are and where we are going. However, as a gay man I feel that these opportunities to treat people with kindness are a blessing.
Everyday I help to rid one person at a time of the "stereotype" of what a gay person is like. When we look at our world we see that all people come in all colors, genders, sizes etc and I believe this idea has been lost when certain people look at the gay community.
I am very happy to have found your web page. Many times the articles that are on the web tend to be negative and it was extremely refreshing to see your contribution to the world. Thanks
You can email Nate at KodiCubBear@aol.com
My pleasure, Nate! Your comrades up there in San Francisco City Hall sure are making headlines! -- Jay

HERO: Rei, 14, of Nebraska, writes:
As an avid gay author I don't do much aside from write about gay people, it's great, tons of fun. I'm currently living in a basment, I moved out of my house to protest my mother's homophobia. I'm hoping to inspire more gays to fight for their rights. Oh yeah, and somehow, I plan to get George Bush out of office, "We have no time for your Wiccan and gay hating fool!!"
Tough, as I said, my mother's really uptight about it. Worst of all, my girlfriend's mum is trying her damnedest to kill our relationship. Can't wait to see the look on her face when I propose to her daughter right in front of her *snicker*
Uhhhh, buy my books?
You can email Rei at gottarpsomemore@netscape.net
All interested parties, please e-mail Rei and order a book! -- Jay

HERO: Leandra, 11, of Germany, writes:
I think that thére should be more girls in my class so i want to clone some girls and put them in my class.
I am not gay or lesbian
You can email Leandra at Lea_Small@hotmail.com
I guess you told THEM, Leandra! -- Jay

HERO: Giavanna Jaskula, 15, of Chicago, writes:
I spread compassion and kindness to everyone. I am a voice for people who don't have the courage to stick up for themselves.

You can email Giavanna Jaskula at vballcutie19@aol.com
Excellent, Giavanna, get out there and help the oppressed! -- Jay

HERO: Rathbun, 13, of Florida, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Unite all nations and encourage equality among all men and women (and animals).
My insight on being straight? Umm, well, I've only had one boyfriend, and I've learned that men can be stupid jerks sometimes. I wonder if I would be happier with a woman. At this point, I'm confused about my orientation. But I do know I have an attraction for men. So I guess I'll wait and see.
Alexander was 33 when he died not 32! Okay, just wanted to make that clear. ^_^
You can email Rathbun at kainsvampire@aol.com
Hey Rathbun! a) I can't wait for the day when I have equality with geckos everywhere! b) Wait & see sounds like a good strategy. You never know how you'll feel in five, ten, forty years! c) Alexander was born in August and died in June, just short of his 33rd b-day. Look it up! Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Jane, , of Tempe, AZ, writes:

I'm not gay or bi, but I really like people who are. They just seem so nice and friendly, and I wish more straight people would accept them. They're just humans, and they should not be turned down just for being bi or gay.
This is a very infomational website. :-D
You can email Jane at
Thanks Jane! Maybe people seem so nice and friendly to you because you are so nice and friendly. :0) -- Jay

HERO: Amy, 42, of Dallas, TX, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am just being honest about myself. I spread love and kindness to whomever deserves it (and some who even don't). That makes me happy.
Honesty frees your mind and opens your life.
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.
You can email Amy at amyindallas@yahoo.com
Thanks, Amy! -- Jay

HERO: Heather and Robyn, 15 & 15, of Utah, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Party like we're at woodstock 1969 all year long baby! whoo! Fo-sheezy!
[What's it like being "lezbian"?] Its lots of fun. Girls totally have way softer lips than guys, and they just know what to do. But its kinda weird when people try to get us to "put on a show" for them... Yea just cause you get completely drunk off your ass one time and end up doing a little sum'n sum'n in public, everyone thinks that you are some kind of hot lezbian porn star... that they can get live free porno from any time... *sigh*
[Anything else?] Don't do drugs kids... at least not if you're gay and your lover or someone else who is gay and under the influence is around you... It's not fun to try and explain that one to people the next day!
You can email Heather and Robyn at yellow_super_chic@yahoo.com
Sounds like good advice to me! -- Jay

HERO: oscar, 18, of pt, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] well, changing the world is to big for me alone. so.. i plan to (after i come out of the closet) help others come out as well. it's a difficult life, and every help is welcome. i know i sure needed it!
being gay does have a lot of downsides. the first step gay men (and also lesbians) should take is to be comfortable with themselves. How can you expect the world to respect you if you don't accept what you are? telling someone that you REALLY do trust migth help in this difficult stage.
i did this, and i am happy to say that i'm living my life in a very much positive way. haven't told my parents & friends yet, though. my biggest advice to any gay teen is to find someone to talk to, don't keep your pain to yourselves. Congratulations for you wonderful site, best luck to you!
You can email oscar at
Thanks Oscar, and I hope you saw the "Ask Marilyn" page of GayHeroes.com for advice about coming out. It's at http://gayheroes.com/marilyn.htm Cheers! Jay

HERO: Mauro, 24, of Pistoia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Creating beautiful or horrible art, anyway something no one can be indifferent at.
Being gay is a great deal as it offers the special gift to see things from a slighly different perspective, just because we're living in a world that's in every field NOT made to include our presence.
[Anything else?] Well...Listen to Bowie please!
You can email Mauro at
Thanks, Mauro -- greetings to Italy! -- Jay

HERO: cadenna, 11, of indiana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] anything possible
i am glad im strait
i have a sexy boyfriend
You can email cadenna at www.baby-d 1992@.com
Thanks for writing, Cadenna! -- Jay

HERO: gene roark, 52, of circleville, OH, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] not a hero hon. just lived my life as i chose fit. wanting more but recieving less. we all have our cross to bear. i lived my life as a warrior - (well military anyway) taking care of the wounded and giving comfort to all is my legacy. i have always tried to give comfort to the dying and i always will. this is my gift. oxoxoxoxoxox's aphrodite

You can email gene roark at aphrodite69z28@hotmail.com
Most heroes claim they're "not a hero". Did you hear that two retired Generals and an Admiral "came out" and criticized "don't ask, don't tell"? -- Jay

HERO: Bernard, 17, of Holly Hill, Fl, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I want to get into movie music like John Williams though my pet project is studying up on Alexander the Great and possibly writing a screen play or orchestration for it.
[What's it like being gay?] The town is pretty ok with it. We're a fairly good sized community and I mean, it's on the beach with some pretty rich people so cultured people are to be expected along with the others.
I was once told I looked like Hephaestion whom I was unfamiliar with. I have started studing up on him and Alexander the Great only to discover that me and my best friend, Corey are like the modern day Alexander the Great and Hephaestion.
You can email Bernard at Chacotay18@Hotmail.com
Well get out there and conquer the world, Bernard! -- Jay

HERO: Gez, 17, of Newcastle, Australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab... ] Night fill at Big W to take over the world
[What's it like being gay? (Gez is "straight but who knows"] C**k in the b**t really
[Anything else?] Mutt juices are funny when drunk from a good old wellington boot
You can email Gez at
What is up with these Down Unders??? Must be Spring Fever. See Rachael, below. -- Jay

HERO: Dean Moriarty, 29, of Madrid, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being honest to myself, and planning to get out of the closet to my family soon.
[What's it like...] It is hard, homophobia is still a big monster.. but it is wonderful now since I´ve found the one I really love.
I would like to see also you commenting about David and Jonathan, "which love was more precious to me than the love of any woman". Big hug, keep on doing the good job you are doing, hope to see soon pictures of Collin Farrel and Jared Leto in your page about Alexander.
You can email Dean Moriarty at mr_kerouak@yahoo.com
GET OUT, MR. KEROUAK! You're almost 30 for heaven's sake. Believe me, everybody knows. Everybody knows about you. The "big monster" is made of cardboard, except for the part that's in you. I know I was just like you. -- Jay

HERO: Ofelia, 17, of VA, writes:
I do not wish to be rude by adding a comment here, but I ask for you to closer study the life and sayings of Paul before drawing conclusions of his sexual orientation.
1 Cor. 7:1 does say "It is good for a man not to touch a woman" but it says right after it in verse 2, "Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband." It does not say "Let every man have his own husband and let every woman have her own wife."
He is hardly "totally repressive of women and of sex," as you say he is. Please, I ask you to reconsider your classification of certain ones being gay, especially the one who wrote the most books of the Bible, the inspired Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16).
You can email Ofelia at
I don't think you're being rude at all, Ofelia; thanks for adding to the conversation. -- Jay

HERO: Rachael, 17, of Avonhead, Chch, NZ, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] chew up newspapers and piss on trees
[What's it like being gay?] well, nobody seems to understand me. they feed me when i want food, and they let me out and in, but they never want to discuss the meaning of life, or anything deep and philosophical. They make me wear a collar. It's humiliating. *sobs* AND my sister broke her ankle. how inconsiderate; now i have to walk. so, im sorry. i cant come.
[Anything else?] Booyah!!!
You can email Rachael at hemminr@chgirls.school.nz
Honestly, Rachael, you're just being silly. -- Jay

HERO: Rob, 28, of Newport RI, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] My boyfriend and I are about to get married and we are heroes everyday because we do not fit the stereotypes of being gay. We help put a different look to a word everyone thinks they can define. We risk judgement from others everyday because our love keeps us from filtering ourselves from the rest of the world.
[What's it like being gay?] It is living ..there is no choice.. I am happy being me so I am happy being gay.
[What else?] No one is alone and no one is doing anything new. Being gay is NORMAL!!!!
You can email Rob at fairfieldguy2002@yahoo.com
Congrats on your nuptuals and please give the groom a big 'ol kiss for me. -- Jay

HERO: Diyah, 16, of Detroit, writes:
Me and my best friend **** (he's gay by the by, and the one who insisted I check out this site) are going to take over the planet of course. Using complex schemes contrived to achieve absolute and total world domination.
I like being straight. Men are a beautiful, wonderful thing.
I enjoy your commentary throughout the site Jay. You should include more.
You can email Diyah at Diyah89@hotmail.com
Thanks, Diyah! I hope you and your co-ruler will regard me with favor upon your ascent to power. -- Jay p.s. I ****ed your pal's name because I don't use other people's names without their permission.

HERO: Jay, 21, of Australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab... ] I've organised the first gay and lesbian rage in our community.
[What's it like being gay?] It was hard at frist all the boys at school where giving me a hard time until the footy team caught me and the most popular guy going at it in the hall.
[What else?] Not all teachers have sex with just girls and most of them are f***ing great.
You can email Jay at
Jeez, Jay, we're PG-13 around here! -- Jay

HERO: Amy McCannell, 16, of Winnipeg Canada, writes:
I am openly gay and I often defend my friends who are gay or bisexual. Recently have been protesting at our Parliament building encouraging Gay Marriages. I have been in several debates with Christians defending gays and lesbians.

Never ever be afraid to tell people what or who you are. Be yourself. If they don't like who you are then they are not the kind of people you want to be with.
You can email Amy McCannell at crosseyedquacker@hotmail.com
You are wise for one so young, crosseyedquacker. -- Jay

HERO: Robert, 24, of New York State, writes:
My dream is to live to see the development of a gay nation.For too long we have served at the whim of the heteros.I have given up hope of being accepted in the staight world.With our own nation founded on Love,Honor and fraternity we would be an unstopable force for change.
[What's it like being gay?] It's beautifull.Only a man can truely understand the needs and desires of another man.His ego must be carefully and delicately tended.His body must be worshiped.
The manifestation of his emotions must be nutured and kept in the strictest confidence.Above all he must be loved Why nothing on Baron frederik William VonSteuben?Surely he is worthy of mention.What of the dictator Sulla and the Emperor hadrian?
You can email Robert at
Well that's quite an agenda, Robert. One that leaves no time for spaces between sentences. I'm working on Von Steuben et al, so many Gay Heroes, so little time! -- Jay

HERO: Suzanne, 21, of New York, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab... ] Using my writing, and the way I live my life every day to show the world that sexual orientation/identification has no bearing on whether or not someone is a good person.
As a straight person, I enjoy all the rights and privileges accorded me in the dear old USA. I watch my LGBT friends--both in and out of the closet--experience great joys of life only to be dashed down by the inequalities in this country. As a straight person, I fight alongside them and try not to lose hope for the future.
If marriage is to be an exclusive, straight-only club, then I hereby renounce my admission ticket. (Apologies for all the overblown speechmaking.)
You can email Suzanne at Lady_Leila_Agarwaen@yahoo.com
Brava, Suzanne! The more overblown the better in my book! -- Jay

HERO: Pierre, 24, of Montreal, Quebec, writes:

I am bi, but lately I've really been going for men. I am a virgin, and im not afraid to admit it. I'm saving myself for the one I love, whether it be man or woman.

You can email Pierre at
Bon chance, Pierre! -- Jay

HERO: Elijah, 20, of , writes:
I want to express my love of beautiful sunrises through photography. My so-called friends used to tease me a lot for enjoying them so much, but I'd like to share my passion for a breath-taking morning with the rest of the world.
For me, being gay is a wonderful way to express myself. I am currently single, and that gives me more time to myself, to pursue all my dreams.
I love sunrises...
You can email Elijah at
I do too, Elijah. -- Jay

HERO: Tomas, 32, of Palm Beach, Florida, writes:
Hmmm...I'd like to see more gay people coming out. I think the worse thing is to see some poor little homosexual person alone, just because the world cannot accept them.
I'v e been open since my junior year in High School. I regret all the time I wasted keeping myself locked up.
:-) Have A Whimsical Day!
You can email Tomas at
Will do! -- Jay

HERO: Karen, 19, of Ohio, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab... ] I want to help homosexual people get equal rights... like health insurance for their partners, and such... and i'd like to see less Homophobia... that's just sad..
[What's it like being straight?] It's just normal, I love my boyfriend
two of my best pals are gay! And I love them and they love me! ^_^ We're all on big Happy Family-type-thing!!
You can email Karen at gnomesrkrunchie33@netzero.com
That's what we love to see -- Family Values!!! -- Jay

HERO: Lorraine, 17, of Connecticut, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I hope to reach people through theater, opening them to ideas and feelings they've repressed or avoided. I am also planning to be active in the fight for rights for those who aren't heterosexual men.
[What's it like being bi?] I've actually begun calling myself "omnisexual" because "bisexual" is itself limited to merely the male and the female. Are we forgetting those people who do not fit into those categories so easily? The transgendered, the transexual, and those in between? I find it in me to give everyone a chance. The most frustrating part is being attracted to gay men and straight women. :)
[Anything else to share?] Far too much. Love the site, and I'll be back...
You can email Lorraine at lfryer@choate.edu
You're welcome anytime, Lorraine! -- Jay

HERO: Steven, 45, of Chicago, IL, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am a professional Musician. I play the cello for a living.
[What's it like being gay?] Finally figured out I was gay at the age or 38, it has CHANGED my life. It has also improved all areas of my life most dramatically the way I play the cello. No more hiding nor feeling bad about my desires. To date I've also dropped over 130 pounds. I WAY out, WAY PROUD and very happy.
I have been helpful to other musicians who lately have found THEIR true selves, I love to share my stories with them and help support them anyway I can.
You can email Steven at chgobehr8@aol.com
Nothing like being OUT & PROUD! Good for you, Steven! -- Jay

HERO: Joachim, 27, of Denmark, Scandinavia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm studying to become a librarian and as such hopefully show ignorant straight people the way to the materials that will tell them the proper facts about gay people - and, of course, help the gays coming out find the materials that will support them in their move.
[What's it like being gay?] For me personally, it's great. I've had the best man in the world by my side for 6 years now and we're planning to get married, which the law allows us.

You can email Joachim at jfb@jay.net
Congrats to you both! -- Jay

HERO: Janette, 16, of Britain, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a writer. And that means spreading the word; showing people that love is never wrong.
[What's it like being bi?] It's no different to being straight, really. Everybody was like - "Yeah, whatever."

You can email Janette at
Spread the good word, Janette! -- Jay

HERO: Heather Gray, 18, of texas, writes:
I plan to show the world that the Bible is wrong and God loves everyone, no matter their sexual preference. Well, I'm straight, but sometimes I see gays and lesbians point of view, to have a partner that really KNOWS what you feel.... I'd probably be a lesbian if I didn't just LOVE the guys!
My uncle is gay. I love him dearly, but I know the hurt he has gone through. He'll never tell his father because his dad is so set in his ways that he would more likely die disowning him before accepting him.
Ignorance such as this upsets me. Gays and lesbians are people, no different than straights... they wanted to be firemen and nurses when they were little, they have hopes and dreams, and straight people must understand this. Straight does not mean normal, it means being straight. Now, I'm done preaching.
You can email Heather Gray at heather_sue_gray@hotmail.com
You are one of the FEW people anywhere to come right out and speak the truth: "the Bible is WRONG". Preach it, sister!!! -- Jay

HERO: Jenice, 14, of Jasper, Texas, writes:
I would like to become a doctor and go to the foreign countries and provide medicine and health care for all the people who can't afford it.
I'm strictly straight.

You can email Jenice at
And you're strictly my hero, Jenice. You've heard of "Doctors Without Borders", haven't you? Check 'em out! Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Marie, 16, of Louisiana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I already do my part yet I can certainly work harder at spreading the love..
Although I'm straight, I'm certain that I'm a gay guy trapped in the body of a girl. But I suppose it breaks even..

You can email Marie at nola3090@aol.com
I don't know what to say. -- Jay

HERO: La Chatte Noire, 21, of Santa Cruz, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I have been (professionally) a math tutor, a tarot reader, a tattoo artist, a short story writer, a costume designer, and a chemist. And I'm just getting started.
[What's it like being bi?] It's quite confusing. Monogamy is hard when both look good.
[What else?] Being the eldest of the flock is tough, but coming out helped my brother come to terms with his own gay-ness. Remember, someone is always looking to you for an example.
You can email La Chatte Noire at sjthomps@ucsc.edu
What a great thought that is. Meow to you, Chatte! -- Jay

HERO: Rob, 21, of Bronx, NY, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm helping to open the door for gays in the Armed Services by being the best and brightest officer they've got. Though I'm still in the closet for them, the time will soon come for us to walk as free men in the eyes of all.
[What's it like being gay?] At the moment it's like walking on eggshells.
[What else?] Love is the most wonderful and painful and most defining of human emotions. We all share these emotions, so how am I any different from the loving world.
You can email Rob at sailor_mann@yahoo.com
I agree with you sir, the day will come, especially following the actions of the Supreme Court this summer. So meanwhile, while you're walking on eggshells, I hope you get to make an omelette or two along the way. -- Jay

HERO: ariya, 28, of canada, writes:
i am gay
i am gay
i am gay
You can email ariya at gitur2003@yahoo.com
Well thank goodness we got THAT settled. -- Jay

HERO: Travis, 27, of San Francisco, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a Flight Systems Engineer for the Space Station at NASA.
[What's it like being gay?] It was hard for the first 20 years, but then started to get easier when I realized that my difficulty has taught me how to be really tough and resilient. Now I'm very glad.
[Anything else?] I intend to be the first (openly) gay astronaut.
You can email Travis at travio23@yahoo.com
Excellent, Travis, you go get 'em, sir, & we'll see you in space. -- Jay

HERO: Indy, 20, of Albuquerque, NM, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I show my pride every place I go just so that people know that we're here, we're queer, and we're not going anywhere.
[What's it like being lesbian?] It's liberating, but also intimidating when the people you love don't accept you for the choices you make and the people you love. It's not a blame game, its a lifestyle and some people need to get over the sexual aspect of it and realize that it is never a crime to love someone.

You can email Indy at primm4@hotmail.com
Well said, Indy, you're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: kay , 17, of ohio, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] geting by in this harsh world and helping my friend come out and letting our true colors shine brighter and brighter as the world goes by. i hope that one day we can all live in a hate free world!
[What's it like being lesbian?] you have to have a thick skin! everyone loves a lesbian but hate the dykes. its hard but i deal with it
[What else?] people fear the unknown or what they can't understand!
You can email kay at ferrit2525@aol.com
Excellent, Kay, you sound like a mighty fine dyke to me. Cheers! Jay

HERO: MR TURTLE, 37, of MARYLAND, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] TRYING TO MAKE THE WORLD A FREE PLACE FOR ALL
[What's it like being gay?] I HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL.

You can email MR TURTLE at discojoker69@yahoo.com
Sorry you feel that way, Mr. um, Turtle. I hope some day you'll be free from fear. -- Jay

HERO: Loserkid, 18, of Southern US, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm gonna write a musical! (Geez, how gay is THAT?)
[What's it like being gay (loserkid is bi)] I personally think it's wicked! I think it'd be really boring to be straight... frankly I just don't get the whole draw of the sitch. But I can see where other people do, so more power to 'em.
I would like to tell everyone what a fabulous day I'm having. This diet vanilla coke is really freaking good and I have good music and money in my pocket and the weather is great today.
You can email Loserkid at mostlykiller@touchmyinfection.com
Well you sound pretty freaking wicked to me, Loserkid. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: sebastian, 21, of goettingen / germany, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i shall, inch'Allah, liberate those miserable Arabs and alike of their belief that GOD doesn't accept homo ways.
[What's it like being bi?] i wish people went easier about gayety & homosexuality
[Anything else?] enjoy brotherly love while you can
You can email sebastian at max1945@lycos.de
Jeez, Sebastian, there are plenty of miserable Christians (and Jews) out there who believe that GOD doesn't accept homo ways. Maybe you should start, God willing, by liberating them. -- Jay

HERO: Celia, 21, of West Sussex, England, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I hope to work for gay charities, and to help young people who are suffering in silence because of the cultures and laws. I hope to do my bit to make it easier to be gay.
[What's it like being gay?] I'd like to say that it's wonderful, and in some ways it is - simply because it feels more natural for me to accept myself the way I am. On the other hand, I wish I could be brave and "come out" to people. Then again, I wish I didn't have to be brave. But I'm working on it, I really am!
[Anything else?] I love this site, It's really friendly. Not to mention informative.
You can email Celia at captain_pedantic@yahoo.co.uk
Thanks, Celia. Yep, it takes guts to be honest with yourself. Most people aren't! I'm sure you'll find it's worth it! -- Jay

HERO: Jojo MArtinez, 18, of midland Texas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Open up the largest gay shopping center in the world...
[What's it like being lesbian?] I love it most of my friends are gay so it is cool to be around them.
GAY PEOPLE ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can email Jojo MArtinez at
Rock on, Jojo! -- Jay

HERO: Lindsay, 21, of Greensboro, NC, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] getting an education, educating the world about women's studies, feminism, sexuality, writing poetry, being an activist
[What's it like being lesbian?] it's a rollercoaster ride :)

You can email Lindsay at thewishingheart@aol.com
Hang on and enjoy the ride, Lindsay! -- Jay

HERO: T.C., 15, of Virginia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Im starting a gay-straight alliance at my school. I went straight to my principal and he approved it and next year it will be up and running. We are all going to the march on the capitol soon. I plan on writing when i get older and causing alot of fuss cause im tired of this world and I was givin the ability to speak for a reason so watch out here I come.
[What's it like being gay?] For me actually its kind of easy my parents are fine with it and so are my friends i get made fun of at school sometimes but screw them they dont know me and i dont care what they have to say about me. Im just tired of seeing my friends get hurt.

You can email T.C. at
Watch out world, here comes T.C.! -- Jay

HERO: Barry, , of USA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I went to England to run the London Marathon to raise money for charity.
[What's it like being "asexual"?] Being asexual means not having a sexual orientation and therefore not feeling sexually attracted to either men or women. You ask me what it's like to be asexual, but I ask you what is it like to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight? Being asexual means you can remain celibate your entire life and feel great about it with no sexual urges.
[Anything else?] Yes. I am going to fly planes over the fields of Wyoming.
You can email Barry at
Wow! I've never heard of anyone being asexual. I was always skeptical when I heard that, because when I finally came out after not dating any women in school, my friends all said "oh, we just thought you were asexual". And I knew THAT wasn't true! Enjoy your flying! -- Jay

HERO: Andy, 17, of Jonesboro, Ga, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan on opening some gay clubs to give people a place to hang out and just be who they are. But as of right now I'm helping others deal with gay issues such as coming out to their parents and friends.
[What's it like being gay?] incredibly splendiferous. I've never felt as great as i did when i came out to my family and friends.
[Anything else?] nope ;)
You can email Andy at kronos_the_phoenix@yahoo.com
Well done, Andy; more power to ya. -- Jay

HERO: Heather, 17, of Michigan, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Studing art and art history, teaching others through what I create and by helping them understand what others meant when they created.
I'm currently writing a research paper on how Victor Frankenstein was involved romantically with Henry Clerval. Others' insights are welcome.

You can email Heather at lil_lost_lucifer@yahoo.com
Excellent, Heather! I only wish I knew who Victor & Henry were! -- Jay

HERO: Suzanne, 49, of Cottekill, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Transforming the world through art history - and its power to reveal.
[What's it like being gay?] You tell me, PLEASE! I'm trying to formulate a thesis comparing and contrasting Greek culture and society with 20th/21st century American through the use of its images in works of art. I need authentic stories.
If you contact me and share your e-mail address, please expect a brief questionaire. I'll respect your privacy. I don't need a name.
You can email Suzanne at zannalex@yahoo.com
How 'bout it, everyone? Let's give the lady some gay guinea pigs! I've sent her my address. -- Jay

HERO: Kaz, 35, of christchurch, New Zealand, writes:
I would like for the world to be at peace. to see that there is no need for wars and hatred. love conquers all.
[What's it like being a lesbian?] It's great..to be able to love another woman the way i would want to be loved is really great.
You never know what tomorrow may bring so always tell the one you love how much you love them... show them. never take them for granted.
You can email Kaz at kaz196884@yahoo.com
Well said, Kaz! -- Jay

HERO: Pamela, 35, of Portland, OR, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am going to be an attorney, defending basic human rights and ensuring they are afforded to everyone. I lost my family, friends, my job, and my partner when I came out. But I got freedom in return, freedom to be me.
[What's it like being lesbian?] It is beautiful.
[What else?] A diamond is produced under the most extreme pressure.
You can email Pamela at houseof922@hotmail.com
Well, keep on sparklin', Pamela. -- Jay

HERO: no name, , of Park Hills, MO, writes:
I think that before you go and advertise things about the Apostle Paul, you should do some more researching. 1 Cor. 1:7 doesn't mean that men should not have relationships at all. And yes God is going to come back anyday. "Anyday" means just that, not just during Pauls time.
How dare you tell people who respect the bible and their beliefs that a man of God was gay. Yes, he was human and we do make mistakes. But I beleve you do not have enough evidence to even think that he would be gay.
Please do not bring down men of God and people beliefs in that.
You can email no name at elliemthurman@yahoomail.com
I think that the scholars I quoted on the page know more about it than you or I. Jesus (not "God") is NOT going to come back, any day, ever, any more than Santa is going to come down your chimney. I cannot respect your belief that a man of God cannot be gay. You insult me when you say so, which is something Jesus never did to anyone except religious hypocrites. -- Jay

HERO: Michael, 17, of Ottawa, Canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Donating money and time to various charities, and just trying to be there for my friends, through the good times and the bad. After all, why are we here if not to help those who need it?
[What's it like being gay?] Personally I enjoy it...it's tough sometimes, when you come up against ignorant and discriminatory people, but my experiences have made me a much stronger person. Also, when you come out, you learn who your true friends are, and I know that the people who have stuck by me will be there for me through anything.
[What else?] Love life and live it to the fullest, because you only get one shot!
You can email Michael at michaeljkendrick@hotmail.com
Such wisdom from one so callow! You're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: Ric Turley, 51, of Boulder, CO, USA, writes:
I published a Gay and Lesbian business directory for a dozen years and spearheaded the reinvention of the Denver PrideFest in 1990. Today I am in the high tech sector doing the most important activism of my life, living every day as an openly gay man
Things change when you quit asking if it is okay to be gay. I don't make it an issue for others by coming out to them. I talk openly about my partner, friends and discrimination and let them draw their own conclusions.
Everyone who makes the difficult journey from the closet to the light of gay is a true hero in my book. I have been honored with the title of hero several times, but none were as hard has coming out and nothing has been as rewarding as being out.
You can email Ric Turley at ric@rainbowpgs.com
Coming out by not "coming out" is a great strategy. It puts the burden on the other party to "bring up a touchy subject" if they feel they must. If not, life goes on and you've told the truth. Brilliant. -- Jay

HERO: Vincent Astor, 50, of Memphis TN, writes:
I am responsible, with support from our local history museum, of beginning a collection of Memphis gay/lesbian Pride memorabilia. It is one of my proudest achievements; since so much of our history has been destroyed I feel that documenting our struggles and pride is very important.
When I first looked in the mirror (in high school) and said, "Honey, you're funny," a lot of my feelings and quirks began to make sense. I identify most closely with the Radical Faeries and do have a penchant for glitter. It is like an ethnic or national association, like having a "people" with whom to identify and bond.
I applaud your site but you are a tease. It is interesting to see such a "regular guy" being so OOOOUUUUUTTTTT!
You can email Vincent Astor at vastor@bellsouth.net
Thanks, Vincent. Wouldn't have it any other way, dude. -- Jay

HERO: Amber , 15, of Dover Pa , writes:
I'm Planning to make this world more fab cause Gay And Lesbian People are critized for the way they are and just because they are the way they are doesnt mean that they are a bad person!
I'm not Gay Or Lesbian but i have a friend that is gay and he doesn't care what people think bout him...but they also think that he will "come on to" them cause he's gay...but just cause he's gay doesn't mean he's gonna "come on to" his friends or other people... you know what i mean?

You can email Amber at sweetlyluved4@aol.com
I sure do, Amber -- some people have baseless stereotyped fears about gay people or other groups. As soon as someone gets to know a gay person, these fears evaporate. -- Jay

HERO: k, 21, of Mass, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] by spreading knowledge and diminishing ignorance
see i'm not gay, but i respect those people who are. I just feel bad about how ignorant people are cant they figure out we are all the same? no matter what your color, no matter where you came from, no matter your gender we are the same. In general no two people are attracted to the same people so why does it matter if the person you find sexy is male or female?
OH and this whole sin thing please! the bible is like any other peice of literature people can read into it what ever they want there is no one from its creation to tell us whos right or wrong. and if this all mighty god made us all why would he let people be this way (gay) if its against his will? like you can help the way you feel. sure you can deny who your atracted to but even straight people know what thats like
You can email k at kac243@hotmail.com
Hey, k, you made my day, just wish everybody felt this way -- Jay

HERO: kernelz, 19, of Australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Working on cleaning and helping our environment, creating a more pleasant and healthier environment for everyone to live in :-)
[What's it like being gay?] Well, I have been lucky to have such a supportive family and friends. I guess that is why I have alot of trouble understanding girlfriends who have problems with telling their family, even if they are close. Honesty and trust is important to those close to you I believe.
[Anything else?] LIVE IT UP!
You can email kernelz at kernelz14@hotmail.com
I'm with you, kernelz. -- Jay

HERO: Melaney, 17, of Flat Rock, Michigan, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] Create music, and hopefully become famous so I can be an icon for the gay and lesbian community!
[What's it like being lesbian?] it's fantastic! i'm completely happy with myself, and have told nearly everyone who has a big impact on my life. my friends and my mom have been SO supportive of me!
i LOOOOVE my baby! her name is **** and she means the world to me!
You can email Melaney at kitten_ontheprowl@yahoo.com
Excellent, Melaney -- I ****d your beloved's name since we don't use people's names here on GayHeroes.com without their permission. But I'm sure she appreciates it! -- Jay

HERO: Tizzel, 67, of Quebec, Canada, writes:
Listen I am not gay and I want to write you to say that you are completley sac-religious by saying that Paul the Apostle was Gay. He was a freaking Disciple of Jesus and It clearly states in the Bible that homosexuality is not right. The Idea that a man so important to the Christian religion would be gay is completley sac-religous and I will refuse to beleive such and outrages thought.

You can email Tizzel at
I completely agree with you that I am completley freaking sac-religious. -- Jay

HERO: Elizabeth, 40, of Solomons, MD, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] I TEACH! I help my students to see the beauty in the world and force them to look through their small universe to the greater world beyond. I also stand up for what is right and good, but not always easy.
Coming out at the age of 38 was an eye-opener, but it was one of those aha! moments of life that I shall always remember!

You can email Elizabeth at dosabright@planetout.com
Thanks, Elizabeth! Aha indeed! -- Jay

HERO: Aimee, 17, of Ireland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I exist, dont I?? That in itself makes the world a much better place!!
I love being a lesbian, its the best thing ever. Unless you've tried it you can't comment.

You can email Aimee at
Well, I guess I can't comment. -- Jay

HERO: Kristina, 15, of Ottawa, Ontario, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] Volunteering at a hospital and just trying to have an impact on people which is more positive than negative.
[What's it like being gay?] For me it's tough because I live in a small and conservative town.
[Anything else?] I think that as long as you're happy with yourself then it doesn't really matter what the rest of the world thinks.
You can email Kristina at aneikifreik@hotmail.com
I think you are a very wise lady, Kristina. -- Jay

HERO: sophia sandoval, 16, of california, writes:

[What's it like being gay?] awful to be lesbian everybody points at you and when you ask a girl out they put you down.

You can email sophia sandoval at laraadri@telnor.net
Sorry you're having a hard time now, Sophia, I hope you can find someone to talk to, perhaps a counsellor at your school. Show no fear when they point at you; walk proudly and think, "Yep, I'm different and I'm great!" Someday some girl will be honored you asked her out, I promise you. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Alicia Yowell, 16, of St. Louis, Missouri, writes:
Soon I will be taking writing classes to further improve my writing and acting. I'd love to be president but I know I would get assasinated before I get to office. I am going to try and make this world even fabber by my writing and just smiling for all the small things in this world that I love. Like rainbows on a rainy day.
[What's it like being gay?] I love it. I came out recently to nearly everyone at school so I love it. I haven't received any bull and even if I do in the future I don't care. They can't keep this proud little lesbian down! Weird part is, it's a city high school.
[Anything else?] Yup! I set a teacher at my school on the right path when he called homosexuality abnormal when we were talking about Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. I got pissed and launched a 30 minute discussion that has marked the minds of the kids in that class.
You can email Alicia Yowell at Ajasmine1@aol.com
Stand back, world, here comes Alicia! You're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: M'Lisa M., 30, of Baytown, TX, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am going to college full time. Plan on getting my degree in Child Psychology, and then going on into law school to be a Family Law Attorney.
[What's it like being gay?] It's difficult at times, especially since my children were taken away by my ex since I am gay.

You can email M'Lisa M. at Houston4me@hotmail.com
Wow. Well, when you're a Family Law Attorney, you'll help get some of those laws fixed I hope. Thanks for writing. - Jay

HERO: Tim, 53, of Cincinnati, Ohio, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a gay married man. My wife and I are trying to make our marriage work. I belong to a gay married men's group and we help each other along this journey. It is difficult and I have only been out to my wife since January 2002. Will we remain together? Only time will tell.
[What's it like being gay?] Being gay and coming out is lifting a burden from my shoulders. I have been attracted to men since early teens, (or earlier) and only recently had the courage to admit it and live that life. It is part of me, I am proud to be gay, not many know from me, but I plan to tell them.
Being gay is not bad. It is okay, we are born this way. Let's show the world who we are. We are good, solid citizens and deserve all the rights of any citizen.
You can email Tim at tim69big@yahoo.com
Well said, Tim, best wishes to you and your wife. -- Jay

HERO: imnottelling, 18, of portugal, writes:
Before I help the world, I'll try to help myself.... [What's it like being gay?] It's really a hard way of living. I envy the ones who say they are proud to be gay. I see it as a curse. I've been in love for this guy for about a year, and I'v only suffered because he is straigth.
I've foud no corage to come out, maybe because I know it will only be worse for me, since gay people have bad reputation around the world and are never accepted by everyone.
My biggest fear is to become even lonelier than I am rigth now by assuming my homossexuality to my friends and family. My only hope is that my day will come someday and I will live a deserved life. sorry for any bad spelling... I'm still learning english!
You can email imnottelling at
I hope you will find someone near you that you can talk to about these things. I felt EXACTLY the same way as you when I was 18. It will get better I promise and your day will come. Boa sorte! Seu inglês é muito bom! -- Jay

HERO: Joseph, 22, of Plainfield, IL, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I will make peace with my boy friend and we will make sweet love tonight. You know what I am talking about.
[What's it like being gay?] It's fun. My abs are awesome too. The exercise from being gay i mean help me get these awesome abs.
[Anything else to share?] My foot hurts.
You can email Joseph at
I have no idea what you're talking about. Being gay doesn't seem to be helping my abs. But at least my foot doesn't hurt. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Tori Moon, 12, of Carson City , N.V., writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Just being myself and not bullying any one.
i like guys because im a girl im happy that way.
[Anything else to share?] no thank you.
You can email Tori Moon at tigerlilly391@juno.com
Sounds like a very good plan, Tori, thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Lynsey Calderwood, 24, of Scotland, writes:
I'm going to write Glasgow's first lesbian novel. Set on the glasgow gay scene, I plan to tell it how it really is e.g. the inverted homophobia on the scene, biphobia etc.
There's more to being gay than just coming out.

You can email Lynsey Calderwood at lynsey_calderwood@hotmail.com
Sounds like a best-seller to me! -- Jay

HERO: Philip Donaghey, , of Derry, Ireland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am a regular donater to Breast Cancer Charity, and have given away £4,000 to the poor through charity.
[What's it like being bi...?] I'm a closet bisexual, and prefer nobody that I know personally would know that I'm a bisexual.
[Anything else?] My favourite animal is the wolf.
You can email Philip Donaghey at darkwolf_454@hotmail.com
Here in the US, we're trying to re-introduce the wolf in remote western habitats over the hysterical objections of ranchers. It seems to be a success so far. I wonder if there's enough wild range in Ireland for a wolf population to thrive. One day I hope you'll be honest enough to be out, though I admit if you're bi, it seems you're unlikely to be happy in a monogamous relationship, unless with a hermaphrodite. -- Jay

HERO: Could be your neighbor, , of Idaho, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Resist bigotry, flaunt tolerance and open-mindedness, promote rational discussion, hope for the best even when it seldom happens.
I'm married to a good friend and partner who has always known that, however "bi" I am, it doesn't take much to tip me toward the gay side. It hasn't always been easy, but how many easy living arrangements among couples are there? I envy the self-assurance of those who are out of the closet, but I can't go there...because isn't "there" San Francisco, and what would an Idahoan want to do there except visit?
Don't let hatred get you down. People who understand that gender doesn't MATTER (well, except maybe when having sex, but how much of your total time on earth do you spend doing that?) are the only ones who really know what's what.
You can email Could be your neighbor at conduit@lycos.com
Thanks for writing, neighbor! -- Jay

HERO: Helen, 50, of Australia, writes:
I 'touch the future' through education - I'm a high school teacher
Some of my better male friends are gay ! it's a pleasure to be in their company - they have class !
As I am a history teacher I sometimes use this site to get students interested in history. Nine out of ten times they get 'hooked' on history !
You can email Helen at
Excellent, Helen! You must be a great teacher. And I bet you have plenty of class yourself, no pun intended. -- Jay

HERO: Rachelle, 15, of NJ, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] try to make all my homophobic friends, actually not be afraid to be friends with gay people. gay guys are great...i love them!
[What's it like being gay...] i'm not...i must say that as a chick i love the guys...
[Anything else?] ummm...i just thought the abe lincoln gay article was funny...everyone should read that. :-)
You can email Rachelle at knowli_227@hotmail.com
I agree, Rachelle -- everyone should read it, have a good laugh, learn about gay people, and lighten up. -- Jay

HERO: Kori Cate, 15, of Dallas ,Texas, writes:
I want this world to be free of Wars. The bible says that the 3rd World War will destroy everyone and the world and I don't want that to happen.
[What's it like to be gay?] I'm not but my two moms are. *Hehe*

You can email Kori Cate at
Hey Kori. Thanks for writing in. I get really sad when people, especially young ones, live in fear, dread, and anxiety, especially when it's because of the bible. Religion is supposed to make people happy, not to fill them with dread. So please take that part of the bible with a grain of salt. There are plenty of good things in the bible to rejoice over. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Garith, 17 right now.. but older very soon, of Dallas Texas USA Earth, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan to reach out to all the gay teens across the internet and give them the information, support, and love to let them know that they are okay just the way they are. I want to help take the fear, shame and sadness out of every gay teen's life, so that we will not loose any more cool people to AIDS, Addictions or Suicides.
[What's it like being gay?] I Got loving parents, I Got a great boyfriend, Got lots of friends, I'm making good grades, I have a good job after school, I'm happy and healthy, I love God, God loves me, I have a new jar of JIF peanut butter and a new kitten.... what else could I possibly ask for? Life is beautiful!
[What else?] Yeah.... I love you ... peace out peoples! Come check me out: http://community.webtv.net/Garith14/GARITH
You can email Garith at Garith14@webtv.net
You sound like my kinda hero, Garith! (smooth or crunchy JIF?) Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Kasey, 16, of NJ, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Well, I got sick of seeing all these Fantasy novels in book stores where they're all carbon copies of each other, no spice to add flavor. I'm setting out to be the first to have a major gothic horror fantasy novel with a main gay love triangle between three guys.
Since I'm a major fan of slash fanfiction, I like reading it alot. And I know a lot of people would be excited with a slash fantasy gothic horror novel with a real plot and Greek gods in it too. ^.~

You can email Kasey at slrmoon2oo@msn.com
What a great idea. Those Greek Gods behaved like they were in a slash fanfiction novel. Do it, Kasey! -- Jay

HERO: Robert , 32, of Greensburg, IN, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] To make my closed-minded little section of the world a little more open-minded
[What's it like being gay?] My work: has no idea; My family: has a clue; My life: is moving foward; My doubt: seems to rule my life but I'm really tired of that!
I'm gay, I'm tired of the lies and the image I present, and I just want to be the person that I'm destined to be!!!
You can email Robert at sunshineboy89@hotmail.com
Sounds like you're about ready. When you're honest, it gives everyone else a chance to be honest back. Won't it be great when you don't have anything to hide? See "Ask Marilyn" if you haven't already: www.gayheroes.com/marilyn.htm -- Jay

HERO: Asia Esterak, 21, of Tarzana, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan to bring pieces of heaven to earth, and distribute these pieces amongst the people. Give the world a reason to smile.
[What's it like being a "straight black chick"] It sucks I can't get a date!
[What else?] I'm a film student, writer, and actor. But I plan to me great someday, we'll see. I will say this though for being a 21 year old black female, Hollywood has no idea what they're in store for when they meet me.
You can email Asia Esterak at Clydeishungry2@aol.com
Hollywood is ready for you to take the place by storm, Asia! -- Jay

HERO: Perfectly Windy Sky, 18, of Saint Leo, Florida, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm taking people down by the river where you can hear the boats go by. And they know I'm half crazy but thats why they want to be there. I'm wearing rags and feathers from salvation army counters, and I'll show you where to look among the garbage and the flowers. I'm touching perfect bodies with my mind.
[What's it like being gay?] It's like rolling over and playing in the mud because there are trees in the grassy field.
I'm dying to share my dreams with someone.
You can email Perfectly Windy Sky at sgrbgr77@yahoo.com
Yep. Me too. -- Jay

HERO: unknown, 16, of georgia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] By becoming the most inteligent scientest and most powerful being to have walked this earth, of course following in the footsteps of both alexander the great and stephen hawkens.
only one person in my life knows that i am gay but is a little scptical for i talk about girls when my friends are with me.
overall i like being gay and am in the closet but until im powerful i will nevr speak of my sexuallity to anyone of high rank im not saying **** isnt but she isnt going to degrade me of any social or intulactual ability for she is a true openminded friend.
You can email unknown at
Sounds like quite an agenda, Mr. Unknown Georgian. Coming out, when you're ready, will help you in your quest for power. Just make sure you take a few spelling courses along the way. I left your friend's name out (****) because I don't use people's names here at GayHeroes.com without their permission. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: salman moon, 25, of Riyadh Saudi Arabia, writes:
i want to dyi i am sick i am poor i am greeved salman
very tiyring in Saudi Arabia
it is a very intresting site thank you.
You can email salman moon at smb12345@yahoo.com
You are welcome, Salman. Cheer up! Salaam, Jay

HERO: Tony Begbie, Experienced..., of Sydney, Australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...]Reaching out via the Net, I guess, to new buddies everywhere...with a personal website that celebrates friends, family, heroes, life and love. Hope the message gets through.
[What's it like being gay?] At first, I was perplexed. Then I discovered and accepted the real "me" and I leapt into life without looking back. It's been a fascinating and mostly joyful journey. Wouldn't have missed it for anything.
[Anything else to share?] Well, my website, if you're interested in sharing what I've just been talking about: http://www.pnc.com.au/~voyager Welcome! Enjoy!
You can email Tony Begbie at vygrtony@bigpond.net.au
Good to hear from you, Tony. My softball teammates just got back from the Gay Games in your town! Cheers -- Jay

HERO: Lance, 28, of Martinez, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a teacher, and I'm trying to do a good job of it!

Cool site. Where's Achilles?
You can email Lance at
Thanks Lance! I mention Achilles and his beloved Patroclas on the Alexander the Great page here at GayHeroes.com. I don't have a separate page for Achilles because I'm not sure those heroes of the ancient Greek epics really lived or if they're mythical. -- Jay

HERO: Sergio, 25, of Netherlands, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Next to becoming a lawyer, I am planning to write and perform my own piano-compositions, which will make listeners light-hearted and happy. Being myself and bringing joy on a more fundamental level.......
[What's it like being gay?] Being bi-curious i cannot really tell what what is like. All I can say is, at the moment I enjoy life and inspiring people. It's better of a high than any drug I've ever tasted.....
[What else?] Just love each other.
You can email Sergio at wegel778@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing, Sergio! -- Jay

HERO: Ashok, 32, of India, writes:
I want to serve the poor in whatever small way I can. Love the beautiful creation of God.
I very happy that I am GAY
Love Every One. Have Faith in God
You can email Ashok at ash91112@rediffmail.com
Very inspirational, Ashok! -- Jay

HERO: REF, 20, of Gaffney, SC, USA, writes:
I hope to become the first top-selling gay male christian artist of our time. I plan on walking my queer ass across the stage at the Dove awards and graciously accepting an award for best song, best album, whatever, just to show the world that it's ok to be gay and christian, cos we all have the same purpose here: to glorify God. It'll feel sooo good doing that knowing there are ppl out there who'd hate it. Such a scandal!
[What's it like being gay?] I find it fascinating, i mean the only flak i get is from my family, but i dismiss them anyway. IT'S GOOD TO BE GAY! I feel more at peace with myself.
You can email REF at honestref@yahoo.com
Well you're in good company, Ref; that Jesus guy was pretty scandalous himself, hanging out with prostitutes and tax collectors and all. -- Jay

HERO: Michael, 32, of Baltimore, Maryland, writes:
As a teen I was thrown out by my parents when they discovered I was gay. I supported myself by hustling. To this day, I am concerned for the angels of the streets, both male and female. I have worked to find them support. With the help of a local church, this dream is beginning to come to fruition.
[What's it like being gay?] I cannot dream of being anything else. I have certainly had some dark and lonely times, but I have wonderful friends all over the country. I even have one from Hong Kong. I also have a loving and supportive partner.
I have to share the most horrible experience I had. I was a victim of a hate crime. While hustling, a car drove by and someone yelled "faggot whore". I flipped them off. The three guys from the car were able to find me later and dragged me into an alley and beat and raped me. It's been 13 years, and I still have nightmares. We must not become complacent about hate crimes.
You can email Michael at
Wow. Thanks for sharing your story! -- Jay

HERO: Steven, 14, of Stirling, N J, writes:
I have always wanted to be a hero. I wanted to be some sort of govenrment agent. Not like James Bond, something more realistic, but I have realized that you don't have to go real far to become a hero. My boyfriend is my hero and his name isn't on billboards and television. Just in my heart, along with our love.
It is very difficult relizing that your a homosexual. When I came out to my uncle, who is also gay, his boyfriend sent me a list of famous homosexuals in history. Sometimes if I have feelings of doubt I turn to the list and just think these people were just like me and did great things.
If anyone wants to drop me an E-Mail feel free to do so. I am very open to everyone. And yes, when your as young as I you can know if you're gay or not, and I am gay. Oh and if you are from my area and want to talk please e-mail.
You can email Steven at liljerzyboy@netscape.net
Well done, Steven. Looks like your uncle's boyfriend was a precursor to GayHeroes.com! -- Jay

HERO: Shelly, 37, of Reno, NV, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] The support and encouragement of children.
[What's it like being lesbian?] I enjoy my sexuality immensely. And I try (if they need it) to help others with questions about theirs.
I love talking to people, anybody that is outgoing and enjoys chatting please drop me a line.
You can email Shelly at sjorstad@yahoo.com
Absolutely, folks, drop her a line. That's what GayHeroes.com is for -- to get people talking! -- Jay

HERO: Tree- well it's my nickname, 40, of Reno NV, writes:
well at 40 I am going back to school to become a high school teacher and I am working on receiving a contract from A&E to teach on their morning show "In the Classroom" while I am working on an archaeology dig in Machu Picchu
[What's it like being lesbian?] I don't know any other life. I am comfortable with who I am and my friends and fmily are as well. I don't shout it from the roof tops, but neither do I hide it. It is a fundamental part of who I am and I rejoice in it as well as respect it.
Yeah, I'm a way cool chick! Hehe. If anyone wants to write to me, please include something in the subject line that I will recognize i,e, Legends List so I can trust, I hope, that it is safe for me to open the message. Be well. Laughter love and light to all.
You can email Tree- well it's my nickname at jlhtree@yahoo.com
You go, Tree, life begins at 40! -- Jay

HERO: Castalia, 25, of USA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Write a book about Emperor Hadrian and educate the world about this great man!
[What's it like being gay...] I'm straight but very supportive of gay people.
Why is Hadrian not on your list of great gay heroes? Ok, so he was bisexual (like Alexander) but he sure preferred males. Plus, I think he was incredibly sexy!
You can email Castalia at emperor_hadrian@hotmail.com
Thanks, Castalia. I agree with you, Hadrian should be on the list. I hope you've heard of The Memoirs of Hadrian (1951) by Marguerite Yourcenar. It's a fictional autobiography of the Roman Emperor, a great book about Hadrian and his young lover Antinous. You gotta write the non-fiction sequel! -- Jay

HERO: Dustin, 19, of Minnesota, writes:
I'm currently working on writting a book about how the Jewish and Christian religions have been corrupted to become prejudice and biggotrice (homophobic, sexist, racist, etc.)
it's good to be gay, you learn not to take the things that most straight people take for granted.
Wonderful site!! Keep up the good work. There are many other glbt people in history, but most of it has been brushed under the rug.
You can email Dustin at
Thanks, Dustin and good luck with the book. -- Jay

HERO: Stark Wilz, almost 38, of New York City, writes:
I've been very depressed and greatly affected by 9-11 -- I work just a few blocks from Ground Zero (and before that worked on the 99th floor of Tower One at a Japanese bank that moved). I hope to make the world a little better through painting (watercolors), singing and playing my guitar and harmonica.
In all candor, I find myself resenting my sexuality because of how much people/religions/lawmakers behave hatefully toward us. When things are "working out" (read: "when I have a boyfriend"), everything's comin' up roses. I'm in a lonely time, though.
I love the testimonials -- especially the ones from young people. And your answers are dear, Jay. Thanks for your compassion. I've got a web-page where you can hear my music: http://STARK.iuma.com
You can email Stark Wilz at wilz@aol.com
Hey, Stark! You're the first we've heard from any 9-11 folks. Walk on, sir; that next boyfriend is right around the corner. And you can hear MY music at www.jayspears.com! -- Jay

HERO: Alan Turing, 87, of london, writes:

[What's it like being gay?] great
[anything else to share?] nope
You can email Alan Turing at
For a moment I thought you might be the famous British mathematician and cryptographer, but he passed away in 1954 so I'm guessing you're not. But thanks for writing, Mr. Turing, and giving us all a lesson in brevity. -- Jay

HERO: Howie, 20, of New Zealand, writes:
Just stumbled upon this page when i was just searching for people througout history who were gay. And as soon as I saw 'Gay Heroes - Alexander the great', I just had to click :) In High School, we studied Alexander in Classics and it was the best topic we ever did. He is indeed a man with aim, goals, courage, love and devotion. I'd wish to be like him. :) My hero indeed! :)
Being gay is sure a rough road, especially living in a conservative city and being an ethnic minority (I'm asian). But then, I can't complain, as that is probably what god intends for me to do. Life is a learning process. Be thankful for small things, find pleasure in simple things and then life would just be (quote) 'Fab' :)
Anything else? hmmmm... I'm single, in the closet but looking? :) *heheheheh*
You can email Howie at Howieboy@gay.com
Modeling your life after Alexander sure sounds good to me. He imagined what a "Great-Souled Man" would be like and then tried to imitate that image. Do it, Howie! -- Jay

HERO: Arthur, 17, of California, writes:
I plan on becoming one of the first major gay politicians in the United States. Sentaor Arthur does have a ring to it doesn't it?
[What's it like being gay?] Lonely mostely. I often find myself searching for information on other successful gays, just to prove to myself that it is possible for me to make it in this world. I wish there was a really successful gay politician that I could look to as a rolemodel.
I think this is a great website and it is really inspiring to hear the stories of these heroes.
You can email Arthur at
Thanks, Senator! Check out David Mixner. Not a running politician, but a very big advisor to Clinton, etc. -- Jay

HERO: AJ, 48, of Colorado, writes:
I found the Key to opening the Bible's Hidden Messages. It was found in the match-up of Symbols and History of the lands the Holy Scribes wrote. I wrote a letter to the Pope 2/14/00, one month before the "unprecedented in church history" "apology for the sins of the church." www.sanctuaryofsophos.org/pope-and-I.htm
I obtained government surveillance when I published my "Opening Revelation" book 1/99. Also found a religion that is based on a Promise to smoke the Peace Pipe filled with the Sacred Herb until the end of time. Notified the Marijuana Movement, and they snub this legal loophole. www.sanctuaryofsophos.org/WBCW.htm [What's it like being gay?] Like I said, I was a connoisseur, until I found someone I loved forever.
Yes, come visit my website. I expose all kinds of deceptions by having done the homework. I have a page called Homosexuality History you might find rather interesting.
You can email AJ at AJArchuleta@juno.com
Thanks AJ we'll check out your site. -- Jay

HERO: Ross, Between 30 and death, of Michigan, writes:
My working dream is doing all I can to help others realize that EDUCATION is the basis for a civilized life.
[What's it like being gay?] It is an on-going challenge that is becoming more satisfying as the days roll by.
You can email Ross at Neokouros@aol.com
Thank YOU. -- Jay

HERO: Alexander the Great, 48, of San Angelo, Texas, writes:

I have few friends, but the ones I have (gay and straight) are very close friends

You can email Alexander the Great at
It's quality, not quantity, I'd say! -- Jay

HERO: Alex Cowan, 25, of London, writes:
In the year 2000 I was run over. I can walk (shakily) and talk, I spent 13 months in hospital and rehab after my accident - character building or what? I was a dentist but I have a tremor since my accident so now work for McKinsey here in London, (my mind's okay!).
People in gay bars are only looking for one thing. As I don't walk 'normally' they avert their eyes. I need someone to talk with me and find out what a great guy I am. I can still perform. Believe me when I say I'll get better. If you give a little...
I may be mobility impaired but I'm told I've got a good personality and a great sense of humour. I know that I'm extremely determined and very ambitious. I would like a young, good-looking guy to fight this affliction with.
You can email Alex Cowan at ajc1977@hotmail.com
I can relate, Alex; my brother was hit ten years ago and is permanently disabled. Hang in there & get out and meet people, your young, good-looking co-champion is out there somewhere. -- Jay

HERO: Devin, 23, of Cincinnati, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Try to make the day just a little bit better for at least one person. And when/if I ever get wealthy, I plan on starting somekind of foundation, don't ask me what.
[What's it like being gay?...] I can't imagine being anything else. It's a gift that some people will never understand, not the sex you dirty boys, the inherent gifts that come along with that crazy little gene we received.
[What else?] Don't worry, you're probably already a hero to someone, just look around.
You can email Devin at supa_d_dog@yahoo.com
Well said, Devin, you're my hero. -- Jay

HERO: Claude Isaac, 24, of Berkley, Michigan, writes:
I have graduated from college and would like my masters to be in International relations. I want to broker some serious peace throughout the world!
[What's it like being gay?...] It is hard, especially being of Middle Eastern background and the youngest of 8 kids.
I was born in Northern Iraq and left there when I was 3. I have been living in the states since 1982. I have enjoyed the greatest freedom!
You can email Claude Isaac at msubro78@aol.com
Tell your brothers it's good for them you're gay -- because they don't have to compete with you for the girls! Blessed are the serious peacemakers, Claude! -- Jay

HERO: Oakes , 29, of England, writes:
I single-handedly run an animal sanctuary for over 160 rescued animals - www.towerhillstables.com, and also run and support a small sanctuary in Moscow for cats and dogs. I am a firefighter serving my local community, I have been to the Olympic Games twice and would love to think I could qualify once again. I am a keen Marathon runner and compete all over the world I try to use my competitions as an opporunity to promote veganism and animal rights generally.
[What's it like being gay?] Tough!!!

You can email Oakes at info@drwrinkle.freewire.co.uk
You sound pretty tough yourself, Oakes. Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Petey Archer, 31, of New York City, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] as a firefighter I get to show my courage and manliness while helping others
[What's it like being gay?] Its something the guys down at the firehouse wouldn't understand
[What else?] I think this website is fab fab fab!
You can email Petey Archer at petessake@hotmale.com
Well, I think you're pretty damn fab fab fab yourself. -- Jay

HERO: Ramie Colombiere, 39.75, of Andorra, PA, writes:
For the last 13 yrs, I've been helping raise my 2 nephews. The elder is 13 while his brother is 10. The latter has been diagosed with Asperger's Syndrome ~ a mild form of autism. I try (not always sucessfully!) to bring him further out of his shell.
My gaity seems to get a little better with age, not unlike a good bottle wine or brick of cheese. As a member of my parish adult religious education team, I can say and do things that are borderline flamboyant in the name of art. In this case, the art is dramatic reading of Scripture and saints' lives. Sometimes humor gets across the message better than pious platitudes!
I think the Roman Catholic Church should canonize Michelangelo and Gerard Manley Hopkins, not for their orientaton, per se, but for their artistic intergrity.
You can email Ramie Colombiere at
I'm all for that! There's more to sainthood than virgins & martyrs, I hope! -- Jay

HERO: Bruce, 42, of West Holywood, California, writes:
I would like to stop the typical stereotyping of gays and lesbians. I just don't think that is right. It hurts my heart when someone calls me or anyone gay a naughty name.
Ever since I was a child, I have always had feelings for other boys. At first I felt alone and missunderstood, but now this world is finally beginning to accept gays and lesbians.
You can email Bruce at
It all sounds so familiar. (But I ****ed your partner's name out because we don't use names without permission.) -- Jay

HERO: Lionel, 53, of A Nursing Home In Massachusets, writes:
I would like to reach out to any teenager who is gay, or who is questioning their sexuality. When I was a teen, I had no one to talk to, and every gay or lesbian needs to have somebody to lean on.
Being gay is the best choice I ever made. It has helped me get rid of my insecurity problems, and my partner and I have shared many happy memories together.

You can email Lionel at
Congrats to you both! -- Jay

HERO: loye, 26, of , writes:
i am going to redistribute the wealth of this world to the right channels as divinely ordained. Carry out GOD's plans for these last days.
I am not gay.
i am another alexander yet to commence my mission.
You can email loye at loyex@yahoo.com
Anytime you want to redistribute any of it to me, I'm ready. -- Jay

HERO: Clarence, 31, of West Palm Florida, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Bringing back the importance of the gay and lesbian in spiritual tradition. We have a lot to offer the community in that fashion.
[What's it like being gay?] It's pretty tame. Although I get frustrated that my beloved is not covered on my insurance.
[What else?] Wake up, brothers and sisters, we walk two paths and that gives us insights that heteros don't necessarily get. At least not as easily. Reclaim your spiritual power! (Why do you think the early church fought so hard to suppress us? They were afraid of us.)
You can email Clarence at Isharoyeh@cs.com
Well said, Prophet Clarence! -- Jay

HERO: jojo, 31, of bucks, england, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] my standard answer to 'what do you want for your birthday?' , a peaceful and caring society. my friends are somewhat bored of the answer now i'll have to think of a new one!
[What's it like being gay?] as the closet door is shut, i'm working on the courage to come screaming out, but i know a couple who are gay and they've bought a house together, a massive commitment it must be love, when the time comes for me i know that its going to be fun so watch out world
[What else?] nothing really, found the site by chance on a lazy sunday afternoon
You can email jojo at
And we're glad you did, Jojo. -- Jay

HERO: John Edsanson, 24, of Bangkok, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] just doing nothin
[What's it like being gay?] I don't know, I ain't gay
I totaly agree Alex the Great was gay, he had a crush on Cyrus (at that time everyone new he was handsome)... Thats why he spared Cyrus tomb of the burning and looting, he even added a few things in it.
You can email John Edsanson at edu_manzano@thailand.com
I never thought of that before, John: some people make the world more fab by just being in it. -- Jay

HERO: C, 13, of MA, writes:
My goal is to become the first woman president! OH YEAH! And I would pass bills for gays and lesbians and people that are bisexual too because they're not any different, you cannot help the way you feel and you shouldn't lie about it to "fit in" because there's not such thing as NORMAL!!!!!!!!! (and plus no matter whether you lie or not deep down you know whether your gay/lesbian/bi etc.!)
[What's it like being gay?] Well so far (I am not sexually active so I can't really say much) I am enthralled by boys at this age and I love every minute of it!

You can email C at
You've got my vote, C! -- Jay

HERO: Larry, 47, of Connecticut, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being a friend to my friends, a lover to my lover and son to my mother.
[What's it like being gay?] Since society has no rules about how to be gay, you can decide things for yourself.

You can email Larry at
And a happy Mothers' Day to her. -- Jay

HERO: Linda, 21, of California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am going to help under priviledged children in other countries and work in soup kitchens. I'm also going to pay it forward!
[What's it like being gay? (Linda is straight)] I believe that a person's personal orientation should not have an effect on the way other people treat them. One's sexuality should not be used to judge a person.
Thank you for this wonderful site!!
You can email Linda at
You're welcome, Linda! - Jay

HERO: Marie, 32, of Germany, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] so much i need time to put my self together....but i plan to surprise the world.
[What's it like being bi?] alive.simply alive.but married and very afraid to come out.so dont mess up with me...and maybe my address...........
i wish i can find a girl.
You can email Marie at marie_sarassa@gmx.com
Good luck, Marie! -- Jay

HERO: Bob, 57, of gold coast. australia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] write my biography on coming from a small town in the late 50's as a teenager and the struggles of being gay, through the pride marches that became the gay mardi gras...losing my lover and best friends to aids (small letters give it less power) to being a 14 year survivor of hiv, and still learning the wonders of the world and making a difference in someones life every day.
for me being gay is normal, people accept or reject me..those who reject are the losers and will have to deal with their own kharma, its not my problem. god, if she/he exists made me, so no one else is going to tell me I'm an abomination in my own creators eyes....so simple huh....but the fundamentalists are stumped by that one.

You can email Bob at doganboy@hotmail.com
Well, start writing! -- Jay

HERO: Melissa, 22, of Arizona, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am going to win a Pulitzer Prize and revolutionize modern poetry !
[What's it like being gay? (Melissa is straight)] I don't think a title like "gay" or "straight" should be used when giving insight. Wisdom is wisdom and love is love, no matter where it comes from . . .
[What else?] I'm sure everyone will read about it in my scandalous autobiography some day . . .
You can email Melissa at lovefool@imap4.asu.edu
Can't wait! -- Jay

HERO: CINDY, 18, of NEW JERSEY, writes:
Glad you liked it Melissa BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT!!! -- Jay

HERO: Kirsty, 17, of Pittsburgh, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I accept anyone i know, despite if they're straight, bi, lesbian, or gay. i want everyone to be treated equally and live here in america with the same rights as everyone else has.
even though im straight, and was brought up in a very catholic home, i dont see anything wrong with gay or lesbian people.
why cant we all just get along! we're all people, we just have different likes...i mean if everyone were gay, would straight people be hated?
You can email Kirsty at tasma162@msn.com
Great question, Kirsty! I'll have to remember that one. -- Jay

HERO: belfast, 25, of san francisco, writes:

[Anything to share?] just this, that even if Paul's thorn in his flesh was homosexuality, which i believe it was, it's still clear throughout the bible that homosexuality is a sin like any other, no worse, no less. regardless of one's orientation, we are called to live above our natural tendencies. which is what paul was talking about, regardless of what those natural tendencies are. and to do this only by keeping jesus as the focus of our lives and letting him be our first love, not by striving for straightness or being guilt ridden or anything else. that's all. and this note is really only for those who first believe in the bible, jesus, and what paul actually wrote. otherwise it will probably be meaningless to you.
You can email belfast at belfast53@hotmail.com
Thanks for a cool contribution. I don't believe in the bible; I am certain it is not the unerringly inspired word of God. Homosexuality is not a sin, any more than heterosexuality is a sin. -- Jay

HERO: Rostislav, 42, of Russia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I want to make all the gays happy!
[What's it like being gay?] The men's love is the best thing in the world. Only man knows how to love man!

You can email Rostislav at inter-male@gay.com
Well I bet there are plenty of loving straight folks out there that would dispute that with you, Rostislav, but thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Pierre, 22, of Johannesburg, South Africa, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] hmm... well just being comfortable with who I am, and hopefully setting an example for all the others coming out who are worried that they're "not normal" or "alone"
[What's it like being gay?] Sometimes it seems like a burden... but then other times, I think of what it means to be straight, settle down, start a family blah blah blah and thank god my life is gonna be light years more interesting than that!!! :)
[What else?] so... can anybody tell me where exactly is the Abba fixation located in the gay brain? lol!!!!!!
You can email Pierre at ditsydoofus@yahoo.co.uk
I don't know, I guess I had mine replaced with a chocolate fixation. -- Jay

HERO: Bara Sif Johannsdottir, 18, of Reykjavik Iceland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I hope that one day every one will be able to be happiness no matter what they are
[What's it like being lesbian?] It is hard because i live not in U.S. so I do not know many gay people. My parents not know about me they are catholic and would not be happy. But I try like myself for who I am even though it sometimes is hard.
If there are any girls from Reykjavik id like to met you!
You can email Bara Sif Johannsdottir at
Thanks for writing, Bara, and I hope you find someone to talk to there in Iceland. Good luck! -- Jay

HERO: David Thompson, 51, of Austin TX, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being a professional storyteller and adjunct professor in humanities, I use stories from the different spiritual traditions - both monotheistic, polytheistic, ancient, and continuing - to show people that "Truth is One", i.e. no one has a stranglehold on heaven.
[What's it like being gay?] It's great. I've been out for well over 45 years, and despite having the usual setbacks regarding public opinion (like I really care what someone thinks of me) I wouldn't trade my place for anyone in the world - well.....maybe Keifer Sutherland or Kevin Spacey (both are yummy). grin-grin-grin
My honey and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. Jesu-me, 15 years with one guy!!!!!
You can email David Thompson at belsamur@yahoo.com
Jesu-you! 15 years!! Congrats to you both! -- Jay

HERO: Gaby, 11, of Smithfield, Rhode Island, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Designing profiles for AOL members only. If you want more information email me at sugaprinces14455@aol.com.
[What's it like being gay?] I'm not gay so I wouldn't know that. [Gaby's orientation is listed as "French".]
[What else?] Can't think of anything.
You can email Gaby at sugaprinces14455@aol.com
This sounds like a shameless plug for your design services, Gaby! -- Jay

HERO: Brian Kopetsky, 19, of Notre Dame, writes:
I love people, especially men. Gay pride forever!!!!!!
I love being gay (not just gay, wholeheartedly gay). It's a real BLAST, YEOWWWW!!!!
You can email Brian Kopetsky at
Thanks for the wholehearted enthusiasm, Brian. -- Jay

HERO: Lee Caddick, 26, of London, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I try my best to be lovely all the time. I like to tell the truth... which sometimes gets in the way of being lovely... and I really like to tell people what's good about them rather than concentrating on what's bad... that is except for my boyfriend, who has to put up with my steady stream of complaints about him.
[What's it like being gay?] Well it's getting easier as I get older - I guess because I have such lovely friends and family, it's not so much of an issue as it was when I was fifteen and feeling like an outcast. I find that I'm encountering a new kind of prejudice from 100% gay men - when I talk about the girls that I've really fancied - I hadn't realised it was such an issue.
Yeah.... I love Buffy and Jesus - they're my two heroes!! A man needs no other guides in his life!!
You can email Lee Caddick at leecaddick@hotmail.com
Buffy and Jesus... that pretty much covers it, I'd say. -- Jay

HERO: Mike Michel, 43, of Bulgaria, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a volunteer in the Peace Corps right now--something I wanted to do for a long time, and finally the time seemed right. I know it sounds corny, but I really do want to make the world a better place. It needs so much help. I do my best to treat others with respect, to be genuine and honest, and to have as much fun as I can.
[What's it like being gay?] It's like being human, only better. I don't know for sure, but maybe being gay has made me a bit of a smart-ass. My mom always said I was sassy.
[Anything else?] Yeah... If you're in high school, just wait, it gets a lot better. In your 20's, moderation is important. 30 and above, ew wee, life is good. Stay young at heart.
You can email Mike Michel at michelmike@mail.com
You're a sassy hero, Mike! -- Jay

HERO: Daniel Ulwar, 40, of Ipoh, Malaysia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I want to be a visionary philanthropist. Currently I'm mentoring individuals exploring the wealth of knowledge-based society.
[What's it like being gay?] It has been awesome for the past decade ever since I changed my attitude to everything positive! It's not easy being gay in Asian culture, worst still being Muslim. By being positive, I tend to get positive things in life, and even find positive sites such as this one!
I adore older men. My last relationship was with an Englishman living in France. We had seven wonderful years. It ended when he died in 1998 at the age of 79. Would love to have friendship with mature people from anywhere in the world. My job takes me to lot of places. I work from home and travel to meet my customers. I always find that gay people are more interesting in characters.
You can email Daniel Ulwar at d_ulwar@yahoo.com
What a great story and an interesting life! Thanks for writing, Daniel. -- Jay

HERO: mickilus belcourt, 36, of paradise pointe, ontario, canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] education through example...by living life as out and proud and just being me...isn't that enough!
[What's it like being "2-Spirited/Lesbian"?] it's like being human...living, loving, laughing, and learning!!!

You can email mickilus belcourt at mcdyke@marijuana.com
Thanks, Mickilus! -- Jay

HERO: Smith, M., 31, of California, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Tomorrow, in my Speech class, I will do a persuasion speech and my topic is "Homophobia." I will explain the problems homosexuals face everyday, the meaning of homophobia, how it affects the individual, and what we can do to prevent homophobia. Through knowledge and education, maybe we combat this unnecessary fear.
[What's it like being "Heterosexual and admires beautiful women"?] I'm neither. I only like to look at beautiful women. I have a beautiful husband who does not get intimidated with this issue. As a matter of fact, we both like to look at magazines with beautiful women.
I love all the gay, lesbians and bisexuals, especially in San Francisco. This may sound like a cliche, but my best friend is gay. : )
You can email Smith, M. at
Thanks, M. Smith! It's great to hear from someone who isn't afraid of their feelings. -- Jay

HERO: andrew hoyt, 18, of university of notre dame, originally jefferson, iowa, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I wanna meet that special someone...the man of my dreams! I plan on coming out at my school, the University of Notre Dame, very soon. Hello world!
What's it like being "straight up, 100% gay and proud"?] I love it...I've had sooo much fun with my friends since I decided to be true to myself.
I love my new homosexual life! I would recommend coming out to anyone!
You can email andrew hoyt at ahoyt@nd.edu
I do too, Andrew! -- Jay

HERO: Jason Kirgery, 18, of Indiana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Oh, I do anything I can just to brighten the smile of even one guy. :)
[What's it like being gay?] SUPER!!!
[What else?] Well actually, I would just like to say hi to my D*****. Love ya baby :)!!!!!!!
You can email Jason Kirgery at jekgek@aol.com
We're shy about mentioning people's names without their permission, Jason, but I'm sure D****** appreciates it! -- Jay

HERO: Serena, 16, of Armona, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i am trying to help people with their problems (depression) along with violence drugs and alcohol. Violence dosn't solve anything. Drugs and alcohol are just an ecscape from reality .And reality can be good sometimes but things that take you from it make you want to do it more and more so you won't have to deal with everyday life.
[What's it like being lesbian?] Um I think it is great . It is the only thing that helps me get through life!! Hate makes me stronger and prouder even though getting called a "feminin dyke" isn't great for the self -esteem but it helps me be more proud in my life, family, and sexuality.

You can email Serena at tasty_rainbow@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing, Serena! -- Jay

HERO: Bob, 17, of Kansas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...(although I don't think this one will work)] Try to make everyone homosexuals
[What's it like being gay...?] The greatest thing that ever happened to me!!!!!
How many gays does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to screw it in and the other to say "Fabulous!"
You can email Bob at imfruity@aol.com
Everybody's a comedian. -- Jay

HERO: Larissa, 21, of Ontario, Canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm an undergrad student nurse intent on queering-up my program (taking a page from the great Ms. Nightingale). :) After that.... look out world, here I come!
[What's it like being bi?] Hey, the more the merrier, in my opinion!
This is a fabulous website!!!!
You can email Larissa at
Look out world, here comes Larissa! -- Jay

HERO: chamalides chrysosotmos, 31, of cyprus island mediterranean, writes:
some people r so closed to their self and they show to everybody that they r happy BUT r they really happy? i dont thing so i thing that i will became a hero if i will manage to oen their heart to make them see that we r all human beings and we share the life
i thing that the combination of the male and female inside us make us finnally more balanced if we manage to control our mind
i met lots of people that they were closed to their selfs
You can email chamalides chrysosotmos at mrhairevros@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing and greetings to everyone in Cyprus! -- Jay

HERO: Steven Buck, 35, of Santa Rosa, California, writes:
I'm currently assisting in the development of a "Wall of Gay Martyrs" to be displayed for fundraising purposes at a non-profit organization in Los Angeles. I welcome correspondance with anyone who wants to contribute relevant information to the construction of this wall - I'm seeking names and historical biographies of now revealed homosexuals from world history.
Overall there is really no problem - no one has ever seriously threatened me but then I'm a professional martial artist....
If you would like to e-mail me names of historical individuals that you know who might be considered for our Martyr project, please feel free to do so. Thank you.
You can email Steven Buck at buck2525@msn.com
Hey Steven. Sounds like a great project, although I obviously prefer hero-hood to the whole martyr/victim thing. Probably because I was Catholic. -- Jay

HERO: kathleen, 50!!!, of North Carolina, writes:
I write songs about community and liberation and spirit and sing them with people of all ages. I work to break down dualities like gay/straight, black/white, male/female, day/night.
Being queer is a gift because it has allowed me to get to know myself in a much deeper way than had I been strictly straight (if there is such a thing!) The hard thing about it is being ghettoized and villanized by mainstream culture...but things have gotten sooooooo much better in the past 25 years since I first came out.
Being 50 is not really over some kind of cliff into nowheresville like our society would have us believe. I'm still alive, playing music and loving life on Earth! I hope I'm helping to make a world where people are celebrated for who they are and for their uniqueness, rather than how well they fit into anyone's boxes of what people are "supposed" to be like.
You can email kathleen at merpig@juno.com
And may your next 50 be just as beautiful! -- Jay

HERO: , , of , writes:

Hey hows it going, i myself am a straight male. i was doing an essay on the Great Alexander and when i did a search your site came up and i thought hey i never knew he was an Homosexual. so i came in and checked it out and i really learned alot and i just want to say keep up the good work great web page.

You can email at
Thanks, Mister Straight Male. Not everyone is so fearless and openminded. Congrats! -- Jay

HERO: Kimee, 36, of Reading Pa, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am continuing on my journey by influencing folks that you can be gay and not use drugs and alcohol to find happiness in life. I have 4 years sober and I continue to enjoy a "clean" life style. I also am living with bi-polar disease and am taking care of myself with that.
[What's it like being lesbian?] I only came out at the age of 35 when; I met my partner. We are happily living together and will be celebrating our 1st anniversary. I am a mother of 2 teenagers and they are very supportive and I am more happy in my relationship than I ever have been in my life.
I love being a SOBER ALIVE LESBIAN!!!!!
You can email Kimee at kimee1965@yahoo.com
Three cheers for you, Kimee! -- Jay

HERO: , , of NYC, NY, writes:
Gay pride is a marvelous thing, but nothing cuts creidibility like picking folks who-- aside from being a rape victim, having artistic proclivity and/or availability of a slighly fem photo for your website-- and crowning them Queen for a Day. Be gay, be proud and leave history alone unless you have proof. I can't wait to go back through your site and find your section where you INSIST-- even though he was married with numerous children-- that Abe Lincoln was gay. I'm sure you have one, Desperado. Perhaps you need to get laid so you can stop worrying about the sexuality of everyone else?

You can email at
Nothing cuts "creidibility" like spelling, either. On every page you can read quotes from HISTORIANS and biographers, Mr./Ms. Anonymous. You think I make this stuff up? I hope you went back and read the page on Lincoln -- the debate (not presented by anyone as "proof") is all there. And now that you mention it, I LOVE getting laid -- when are you available? -- Jay

HERO: Erin Hoyt, 17, of Conway, Arkansas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm tired of people judging you of how you look or hang out with. i wish they would get to know you before they judged anything about you!
[What's it like being bisexual?] People act like its some bad thing but over half of them are!

You can email Erin Hoyt at captcomandopunk@hotmail.com
Well said, Erin! -- Jay

HERO: Sarah, 17, of Ocoee, FL, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Teaching others about homosexuality through writing (e.g. poems, novels, etc.) Our feelings, emotions, loves are the same as heterosexuals, only reversed.
[What's it like being lesbian?] Great. Now that I'm out to friends and family I feel more complete. When I was hiding my sapphic feelings I felt like I was hiding myself. When you're out you're allowed to be yourself, completely.
[What else?] Be yourself. Don't underestimate your dreams, loves, passions. Don't allow opposition to deter you from your path to greatness. Love despite the pain.
You can email Sarah at sapphicfemme13@aol.com
You are quite a philosopher, Sarah! -- Jay

HERO: Vanessa, 17, of Redcliffe,Queensland, Australia , writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Make peace throughout the world. Make sure war does not happen any more.
[What's it like....] This is new to me, I never knew people that would just let people know their sexualty. But I'm telling you now. I'm proud to be Bi!

You can email Vanessa at
And we're proud of you! -- Jay

HERO: Keysha Cooper, 15, of Washington State, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Make it be so their were no homeless or poor people.
[What's it like being gay?] I don't know I am 100% straight
[Anything else?] NOPE!!!
You can email Keysha Cooper at kobesgurl04@yahoo.com
You are so right, Keysha -- almost all the problems in the world stem from poverty. Solving that one would solve everything else! You go do it, girl! -- Jay

HERO: Kristin, 31, of SLC, Utah, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] NOT BREEDING.
[What's it like...] Life is grand in Hetero land!
Most of my dearest friends are gay, and my husband is employed by a Homosexual. This website is very cool, and very informative. I had no idea that Richard the Lionhearted was gay! Knowing that makes him even more of a hero in my eyes!
You can email Kristin at
Thanks, Kristin! Give my best to everyone in HeteroLand. -- Jay

HERO: Oscar , 16, of Long Island, New York, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I try to work the word "gay" out of everyone's negative vocabulary list, I stick up for people when they need me to, and I am always supportive of my friends. I also fully intend to participate in more gay rights/pride events once I'm a little bit older.
[What's it like being a "pseudo bisexual"...?] It's been hard because as I quickly learned, not everyone is as supportive as they could be. I have lost quite a few friends, but I try to think of it as their loss and not mine ::smiles::.
Visit me on the web at: | dark closets - a slash and yaoi archive| http://www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/heinlein/86/
You can email Oscar at HoskieRavenos@aol.com
You sound like a good friend, Oscar! -- Jay

HERO: michael, 23, of texas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm a cop who just happens to be gay. I break stereotypes on a daily basis. I plan on going on to law school in order to become a civil rights lawyer specializing in Gay Rights, of course.
[What's it like being gay...?] I love freaking out the straight people when I kiss my boyfriend in public. But I hate the fact that I always have to be ready for a fight when I do.
[What else?] Here's a tip to use on those religious fanatics who beleive were all going to hell for loving some one of the same sex. when they say something along the lines of "its a sin and you will spend eternity in hell for it!" My response is, "Do you love your wife/husband enough to spend an eternity in Hell rather that to be without him/her in this lifetime? Well, so do I!" They usually stutter something illogical or at best try to tell me I don't know what true love is, at which point I just walk away.
You can email michael at copboy121@aol.com
I'll have to remember that one. -- Jay

HERO: Celeste Merritt, 22, of New Hope, PA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Attending university, writing papers on Sappho, and developing a business with lesbian/gay, etc. rights in mind
[What's it like being lesbian...?] Fantastic, fabulous!!!
[Anything else?] The fight for our rights has not yet been won...march,give, share, consult, write and look forward to the Lesbian revolution.
You can email Celeste Merritt at CelesteMerritt@newyork.com
Power to the People, Celeste! -- Jay

HERO: Kt, 16, of Bristol, UK, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Gonna be a kindergarten teacher... okay, it's not exactly conquering the world. But it's a start!
[What's it like being "Rampantly gay :-D "?] Pretty much okay, actually. Nobody I've admitted to (and the list is growing all the time) has gone psycho on me. I guess it's really not such a big deal - I'd like to say thanks to my parents and friends, who have been just ace.
This one's for you, Alex. H xXxXx
You can email Kt at
Thanks for giving Alexander the Great some smooches from Hephaestion. I'm sure he appreciates it! -- Jay

HERO: jameydawn, 20, of Atlanta, GA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] all sorts of activism on my campus to turn this l'il southern finishing school right around!!! (anti-racism, institutionalized heterosexism, etc). And then i want to graduate and have babies. :-)
[What's it like being a "rebel femme"?] sort of a strange question, because i've never experienced life any other way.
[What else?] a serious commitment to nonviolence, raspberry popsicles, and watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory can get you a long way.
You can email jameydawn at
Well said, Jameydawn. -- Jay

HERO: Anders, 19, of california, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...]I can't think of anything to say> it seems impossible to me to do it
[What's it like being a "bashful lesbian"?] it's like paradise
I am in love with Cher!! I am serious! That's true love! But... how old is she??? Yes i know
You can email Anders at whatanapple@hotmail.com
The world is a beautiful place when people see it as you do, Anders! Especially Cher! That IS true love. -- Jay

HERO: Jemmi, 22, of Lincolnshire, England, writes:
I have told all the other young Christians at my church that I'm gay, my best mate has too which is fab cos they are all soo supportive! One day I will tell some of the older people (& my minister too mm maybe....) that I'm gay! I have kissed & cannodled with my ex in public, just like a straight person would!
Being a lesbian for me is very wierd cos I know I want to spend my life with a woman OK but I fancy men but won't sleep with some-one just for 'fun'! I am 'out' to my Mum but not my Dad cos Mum is a lot more accepting to things than Dad but that's OK I have someone to chat to at home!
I am a Christian I am gay I am Disabled! God loves me not dispite my sexuality / disability but becouse of these factors! He made me this way, no idea why he made me this special just know he did!
You can email Jemmi at jemmawithaj@hotmail.com
Excellent, Jemmi! You keep right on cannodling!!! -- Jay

HERO: Bryan Lee Emler, , of Coshocton, Ohio, writes:
I am a gay superhero stand-up comedian currently touring my show BOY WONDER across America! Upcoming show dates are 8-10 in Sandusky, OH/ 8-17 in Brimley, MI/ 10-17 Ridgeland, MS/ 10-18 Leesville, LA/ 11 16-18 Palm Springs, CA. I am currently working on a new show: BEING HEROIC AND OVERCOMING YOUR ENEMIES.
I truly believe that each of us has a hero lurking deep inside. Just by having the courage to come out and tell people we're gay, that is a very heroic gesture. Every time we come out, we gain power as a hero, and if there are times we AVOID telling someone we're gay, we become weaker. So thank GOD we have gay heroes out there who make this a better world to live in.
"In MY satin tights, fightin' for MY rights!" http://bryanleeemler.homestead.com
You can email Bryan Lee Emler at
Well said, Mr Emler. Break a leg in all your shows. -- Jay

HERO: Magen Welch, 14, of Great Bend, Kansas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'll try to be more careing and hope that the feeling will catch on. ( cross your fingers )
[What's it like being lesbian?] Living in a small (sheltered) town doesn't help, but before I realized that I was gay I always felt like a piece of me was missing. Now I can sleep at night. There's only one problem now, I'm single.
[What else?] Never EVER forget that your time to shine will come. Maybe just a little later than you hope. Just roll with it and you'll achive all your hopes, dreams, and every thing in between.
You can email Magen Welch at
I don't think being single at 14 is a problem, Magen! Your time to shine will come, if I may quote from your wise and beautiful words. -- Jay

HERO: Mido, 21, of Amman/Jordan, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] help the poor kids, make the world a better place for them to live in..
[What's it like being gay?] it's a good and different thing!..:)..but sometimes it feels bad just to think of it in the wrong way!

You can email Mido at da_koo3@yahoo.com
That's why I try not to think, Mido! Thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Amber, 16, of Orlando, FL., writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I speak out what I believe is the truth and I make people hear what I have to say! I try to open the eyes of the homophobic and the uneducated and let them see my life and how well I live it as a homosexual!
[What's it like being lesbian?] Its great! Its all I've ever known and all I ever care to know! Its a bright world out there ladies and gentlemen join in! And most important...Be yourself!
[What else?] For the straight guests...you know who you are and what you like...don't critize us for who we are and what we like! We are human beings just like you...don't judge! If your curious then ask! ~PEACE~
You can email Amber at lilduckie2003@yahoo.com
Well said, Amber! Sounds good to me! Peace to you, too! -- Jay!

HERO: Tom Clarke, 50, of 1 North Parade Buildings, Bath, England., writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I run the concerts at the Pump Room in Georgian Bath. If you like classical concerts then let me know. Thanks.
A Token. My love gave me a flower, that I will play with all day long. No-one may touch it, even the day is long. A pure soft thing, all perfect in form, as if the new day was still to be born. A garment of petals all delicate and fair, with perfume which lingers in the warm night air. Tom Clarke. June 2001.
Can anyone set my poem to music? Do send me a copy. Tom Clarke.
You can email Tom Clarke at tom.t.clarke@talk21.com
How 'bout it, all you young Mozarts out there? -- Jay

HERO: Ali, 32, of Washington,DC, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I teach high school orchestra and work with both out of the closet and still in the closet youth everyday. While I'm not out to the majority of my students (because of a very real fear of losing my job) I am out to some students. I want them to see that it is possible to be a sucessful, happy gay person and that they have a lot to look forward to- just hang on - high school doesn't last forever.
[What's it like being lesbian] I'm finally being true to myself. I'm happier now than I have ever been before. My partner and I are planning to be married soon and start a family. Life could not be better.
[What else?] Love yourself most of all.
You can email Ali at Juilliard93@yahoo.com
What a thrilling addition to the Legends List you are, Ali! Thanks! -- Jay

HERO: Kat, 23, of Austin, TX, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Figuring out what I am. Then I plan to study the lore of every culture and prove how much we all have in common...
[What's it like being lesbian or bi...?] I'll let you know when I figure it out. It's very confusing when you are on a date with a guy you like to want to slip the cute girl your number!
[What else?] My family would totally accept it. Except my older brother. Also, I recently read a case here in TX (I work in legal) where two men were arrested for having sex-in their own bedroom-and charged with misdemeanors...was this an attempt to bring attention to laws that MUST be changed, anyone know? How can I help?
You can email Kat at kataluna13@hotmail.com
More and more of those state "sodomy laws" are being challenged and are falling. Contact LAMBDA, the gay legal organization, for details. You might be surprised by your older bro. And don't be in a rush to label yourself. You're beautiful either way! -- Jay

HERO: Nanashi, 417 (17 in this life), of USA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I teach the scrawny and smaller kids in lower grades than me how to defend themselves against bigger and tougher opponents. I also rise to the occasion when I see someone needs help and that I have the ability to contribute.
[What's it like being gay?] I have no sexuality. I only fall in love. For the past year and nine months, I have has a girlfriend who I am now engaged to. By normal standards, that would make me straight then. but you can never tell who you'll fall in love with in the end.
Help those you can while you can. I have lived many lives. This is the first one where I care about other people. Its more rewarding to help someone without much recognition or payment than to not care at all.
You can email Nanashi at
Well you seem to be a full-time hero, Nanashi. All us scrawny guys salute you! -- Jay

HERO: Bruce Douglas Cummings, 39, of Albuquerque, NM, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Writing my thoughts to my LOVER!
[What's it like being gay?] I am asked to reserve my attention from one that I love more than life it-self! "******!" "As I live and breathe!"

You can email Bruce Douglas Cummings at bdcummings@messagez.com
Well put, Mr. Cummings. "******!" means we don't publish people's names without their permission. But we get the idea! -- Jay

HERO: Troy, , of SLC, UT, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan to end the armed forces ban on gays. One day we will have every right that a straight guy has. The military will not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation when I'm commander-in-chief!
[What's it like being gay?] Damn it feels good, I almost feel sorry for straight guys!
[What else?] Don't be afraid to be yourself, and regardless of what anyone tells you being gay is alright!
You can email Troy at swatpup311@hotmail.com
You've got my vote for commander-in-chief, Troy! -- Jay

HERO: Gilberto Aquino Schmidt, 65, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, writes:
I give time to support handcaped gays. I try to show them that they are not forgotten.
I spent a great part of my life hidden. Afraid of what the world (other people, I mean) would do if they knew my secret. Now that I'm out, I want to live each moment of my life.
Don't miss this moment. If you lose it, will be gone forever. Time doesn't come back. Live today as you would die tomorrow. Learn today as you would live for ever.
You can email Gilberto Aquino Schmidt at gaschmidt@uol.com.br
What beautiful wisdom from the heart, Gilberto Aquino Schmidt! -- Jay

HERO: tara, 23, of omaha, nebraska, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i plan on coming out to my parents, which will be the hardest thing in the world for me since they are very religious and think it's a sin.
[What's it like being lesbian...] it just is... i love women and i don't want to be with anyone besides a woman. it's great when i feel that spark around an attractive woman.
{What else?] i'm interested in meeting people all over the world... email me.
You can email tara at go2hell4u@hotmail.com
Hey Tara! Coming out to your parents is the hardest thing -- it was for me! Read the advice about coming out from the "Ask Marilyn" page here on GayHeroes.com: www.gayheroes.com/marilyn.htm Be brave, and you'll find fear replaced by strength. Write back and tell me how it's going. -- Jay

HERO: Scarlett, 22, of Norway, writes:
I run a gay parenting support group for gay and lesbians who want to become parents or have children. I also do some information towards straight people and scientists. I want to work for equal right and make people see that homosexuality is just as normal and diverse as anything else in the world. I also do some freelance writing about gay issues.
I'm so glad that I can be me and I'm so glad for all the great people I met when comming out, particularly my girlfriend. I have exprienced homophobia, and I still get sad when thinking about all the myths and prejudice GLBT people face every day, but the world is getting better, don't you think?
Nothing special, I would love to chat with people all around the world, so just send me an e-mail if you like. I just love this site!!!
You can email Scarlett at annbren@frisurf.no
Thanks, Scarlett! I do think the world is getting better. Everyone e-mail Scarlett in Norway! -- Jay

HERO: Tom, 42, of Houston, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Starting a movement to help gay men and women realize and explore their potential. Everyone has something to contribute, and most have more power and potential than they realize. What couldn't we do if we all looked to each other and worked together to improve the world for ourselves and others?
[What's it like being gay?] It is the most enriching experience I can imagine. I almost feel sorry for those who are conventional in every sense. The challenges I've faced as a gay man have taught me to have an immense pride in myself and an appreciation of all I accomplish. I wish everyone could feel as good about themselves.
[Anything else?] It takes guts to admit to yourself that you're gay, to come out, to search for success and fulfillment as a gay man or woman. It's okay to be scared. But have courage, dream big, and go after what you want. It's worth it.
You can email Tom at tomAtHouTx@hotmail.com
And a great big Hero Hug for you, Tom! -- Jay

HERO: Elyse, 14, of Michigan, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Letting myself out
[What's it like being gay/lesbian?] fun
[Anything else?] i love girls
You can email Elyse at
Brevity is the soul of wit, Elyse. -- Jay

HERO: Ed, , of New York, NY, writes:
I'm a writer who's doing gay-related historical fiction; my current project is on Liu Bei and Zhao Yun, respectively the Chinese version of King Arthur and Lancelot. Both lived during the Three Kingdoms and are folkheroes as much as Liu Bei's stepbrother, Guan Yu (who is a Taoist deity). Their stories were collected in a historical novel called 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', which itself implied that they were gay. So I'm taking it further ...
[What's it like being gay?] It's such a "common" thing (considering it's New York) that it's not really cared about ... I hang around with gay-supportive friends in a quiet neighborhood, and I'm an urbanite who constantly checks into Manhattan (especially Chinatown).
The first chapter of the above story (chapter 1 beta so far) is http://www.fanfiction.net/index.fic?action=story-read&storyid=247335 Please read and review!
You can email Ed at LuBuGR81@homestead.com
Check it out! Give this guy some feedback! -- Jay

HERO: Sylver, 27, of Ames, Iowa, writes:
I'm going to graduate soon and hope to teach highschool Herstory. I hated history growing up, then I realized it was because women, religious minorities, & gay/lesbian people were often excluded. We can't afford to pick and choose which parts of the past are important, it all is. I want my students to get the full story.
[What's it like being lesbian?] It's mostly great. I live in a more progressive town for Iowa, but there are still people here who would rather kill me than talk to me because I'm a lesbian. Still, I can't live my life in fear, or hide who I am. They will just have to deal with it!
It's so great that we live in an age where we can find eachother and offer eachother support so easily!!! What a great website!!!
You can email Sylver at sylver@iastate.edu
Thanks, Sylver! Tell all your pals! -- Jay

HERO: Kristy Rae, 29 again, of Lakewood, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I am teaching tolerance to bratty middle schoolers at work and spreading the gospel of better living through VISA.
[What's it like being gay/lesbian] My inner faggot, Mitch, gives me fabulous taste and an uncontrollable desire to redecorate.
[What else?] I love love love officating at gay unions as a minister in Universal Life Ministries.
You can email Kristy Rae at k.cash@mindspring.com
Methinks she mocks us. -- Jay

HERO: Terry, 35, of Kansas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I support two causes that kept me a soldier in President Clinton's army through all of the scandals: Environmental and animal protection, and women's rights. I give to both causes often and share my convictions with others. This will be possible in larger ways this year because, as part of my intent to do all I can to tank the Shrub's economy, I have some extra money for my favorite causes lately.
[What's it like being gay? (Terry is straight)] I have a lesbian sister. I never knew why we did not get along, until she came out of the closet 3 years ago. Everything has been much better since. I guess she thought I wouldn't support her, but for me it was a happy thing to find out she was gay because I thought she had no one special in her life when she actually did!!
[Anything else?] No, but I have enjoyed your spectacular website tremendously!!
You can email Terry at
Thanks, Terry! Your sister has a great brother. Tank the Shrub!!! -- Jay

HERO: Annette, 18, of Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic, writes:
In this country male homosexuallity is not quite accepted, but it is "bearable"... yet lesbianism is something "unthinkable" ... I have come out to almost everybody -my parents included- and I do not deny my sexuallity to those who want to know if the "rummors" are true. I hope to be able to do something to show other women like me, that it is time to stop being ashamed of ourselves for something that is not a deviation but who we are.
[What's it like being lesbian?] With my friends it hasn't been so bad, most of them do not mind and those who feel upset about it just walk away but don't mess with me... with my parents it has been hell, but I am hanging in there

You can email Annette at angelsweetness82@hotmail.com
You hang in there, Annette. In time, I guarantee you that the people of value in your life will see how strong, courageous, and beautiful you are. You're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: Michael, 32, of Nebraska, writes:
I don't know if it will make the world any better, but got cast as Richard the Lionhearted in "Lion in Winter" and would like to do justice to Richard. Not exactly an easy person to find anything on. Always looking for some insights to who Richard may have been.
[What's it like being gay?] Living in one of the most consevative parts of the country, you pick and choose who you talk to about yourself.

You can email Michael at M321968@hotmail.com
I hear you, Michael, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. -- Jay

HERO: David, 24, of Riverside,CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I try to tell people that you are who you are, and don't be shy about what that is.
[What's it like being gay?] Its the best ever!
[What else?] I would just lke to say that im a loving-hearted crossdresser!
You can email David at joannalover1@ign.com
Attaboy, David, I'll bet you are just beautiful. -- Jay

HERO: garbo, mid 40's, of Midwest USA, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] Telling the truth. Letting my inner peace, strength and security in my lesbianism shine, as a beacon for all to see. And to let the lost find rest in the beauty and to not be afraid. This is a gift.
[What's it like being lesbian?] Wonderful, marvellous, and always fascinating! I would not know the meaning of the word love, passion, and desire without it. My world is complete.
[Anything else?] To someone who wrote in this site called HERO: Celeste, who said: "When I hear Stevie Nicks sing I get very curious!" You are not alone, when I first heard that "sound or vibe" in her voice long long ago, I knew too. I had just lost a woman I loved, and she still lived in my heart and then to hear Nicks sing...it brought the feeling~~ lesbian love all back. The feminine mystique, the enchanting mistress.
You can email garbo at
Hey Garbo! Thanks for sharing your beautiful philosophies. -- Jay

HERO: Jesse, 16, of Washington D.C., writes:
I will be the the person who finds Alexander the Great's alabaster sarcophogous and I will discover Achilles and Patroclus's tomb at Troy.
[What's it like being gay?] Great! Nothing feels better than to finally admit to oneself who you really are and I am proud of who I am and would not change it for the world.
[What else?] It sucks not having a boyfriend on Valentines Day.
You can email Jesse at
Don't worry, Jesse, I'll bet next Valentine's Day you'll have one. Be sure to send me the info on Alexander's tomb when you find it so I can put it here on GayHeroes.com. -- Jay

HERO: Richard, 22, of PA, writes:
I want to be the world's greatest gay author. Plus i want to open up a place were gay boys/girls ages 11-20 can go to hang and get help when they are going throught the tough times.
[What's it like being gay?] Its hard. My family is VERY ANTI-GAY, they don't know that i am gay. I do know that if i tell them that i will never be allowed around the familiy anymore.
Its allright to be gay!
You can email Richard at
Too bad about your family. Did you see the "Ask Marilyn" article on the GayHeroes Home Page, about coming out to your family? You might be surprised. Good Luck! -- Jay

HERO: alex, 43, of newcastle, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I believe in being compassionate to people more than sharing passion. I was not always this way but it seems to me that it is better.
[What's it like being gay?] For this, go to www.opendiary.com and read my life story or at least as much as I have written so far. Type in author: alexias
[Anything else?] An overwhelming desire that there may exist peace between peoples such as the Palestinians and the Jewish peoples. Love is the one thing worth living for. Truth from politicians. And how impossible that desire is.
You can email alex at alexias.al43@opendiary.com
You're quite a philosopher, Alex the Great. Thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Andy West, 15, of Harmony, PA, writes:
I am going to open a line a clothes for gay men who want to stay away from the old clichés of what gay men should wear.
I have been a closet gay man since as early as I could remember. My "friends" were never ever supportive and I never even told my family because they are all bigots. I am getting no support from anybody, so please email me with stories.
As a 15 year old, how do I go about finding myself a boyfriend? I'll get beat up at school if I am openly gay or ask a guy out.
You can email Andy West at west@fyi.net
Hey Andy! Don't sweat it -- as you get older you'll feel more like trusting someone with your authentic self. Meanwhile, no sense in getting beat up, I'd say! And send me a catalogue when you get your clothing line going. -- Jay

[(She's bi...) What's it like being bi?] FOR ME BEING BI LETS ME BE HAPPY WITH WHO EVER I'M WITH MALE OR FEMALE.
I am watching, Miss Playtime! -- Jay

HERO: Antonio, 85, of Mianus, Connecticut, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'll be riding on a float in my town's Gay Parade on Febuary 18th. its gonna be fab and my good friend **** will be next to me too! i can't wait.
[What's it like being gay?] It rocks house totally and its just a wonderful feeling and i wish everyone else could share the feeling with me and appreciate the total coolness of being gay
[Anything else?] Alrighty then, ive been dying to tell you that me and **** are engaged! Yay!!! Im so happy and i hope you'll be happy for us too
You can email Antonio at boootay@yahoo.com
I'm absolutely happy for you both and I'm skeptical that you're 85. (**** means we don't use other peoples' names on GayHeroes.com without their permission.) You go, boootay! -- Jay

HERO: Paul, 31, of Auckland, New Zealand, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Writing a novel about a gay character, late 20s, finds himself through his relationship with his dead uncle's diaries. Proof that gay people are creative, thoughtful, and willing to explore their depths!
[What's it like being gay?] Fantastic - I have great relationships with female friends, and I find out very quickly which straight guys are worth knowing! Truly an ice-breaker at parties!
Email me, anyone! I'm 31, single and want your input re life, love, books, whatever. Inspire me!
You can email Paul at paul.letham@vodafone.net.nz
Well I hope you get lots of e-pen-pals, Paul! You're pretty inspirational yourself! -- Jay

HERO: Trey , 23, of Pensacola, Fl, writes:
I plan to pursue a career in music. I want to be the first openly gay man to crack the pop market. I know there are already gay singers out there, but they were outed after they made it big. I don't plan to ever hide my sexuality. I want to be a role model for both gay and straight young people. Remember my name!
I've finally come to a point where I don't feel the need to lie, or play the pronoun game ("I met a very special 'person'..."). Being honest led to the greatest feelings of freedom and self-respect I've ever known. I recommend it to everyone.
Like I said, just remember my name. And if you don't remember my name, remember my personal slogan: "Dum spiro spero" ("As I breathe, I hope"). To those who can't come out: I know it's hard, but hang in there. We're all pulling for you.
You can email Trey at babyima_star@yahoo.com
Trey/Robert gives us a double-dose of his splendor -- see below! -- Jay

HERO: Robert , 23, of Pensacola, Fl, writes:
I plan to pursue a singing career, and I want to be the first openly gay singer to crack the pop market. I know there are gay singers out there already, but they were all outed after they hit it big.
I don't ever plan on hiding my sexuality, and I plan to try to be a positive role model to gay and straight young people. Be sure to look for my name in the "Legends" column in about 20 or 30 years!
Figuring out I was gay led to a lot of confusion during my teen years, but finally being honest with myself and those around me brought a feeling of feedom and self-respect I've never felt before. I don't brag about my sexuality, because it's only a small part of who I am, but I'll never lie about it again.
You can email Robert at Meant4Fame@planetout.com
You're gonna be a STAR! -- Jay

HERO: Michael DelBene, 43, of Providence Rhode Island, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Inviting my str8 friends t my usually "gay" Xmas party... Getting all my friends (gay & str8) to strengthen or repair their relationships with their parents. Telling people "I LOVE YOU" while their alive!!!!!!
[What's it like being gay?] Fabulous!
This is a really COOL site!! Thanks!!!
You can email Michael DelBene at mikejamdel1356@webtv.net
And a Fab Christmas to you, Mr. De Bene! -- Jay

HERO: Michelle, 21, of Providence, RI, writes:
I'm still working on establishing a gay/bi/straight alliance at the catholic high school i attended and I'm in college, working on getting my education certificate in theology. I hope to one day teach Catholic theology in a high school where I could possibly help true Christians realize that it's not God that speaks out against homosexuality, it's just closed minded people that hide behind a misconstrued passage in the bible.
It's wonderful and I love my girl with all my heart. *hugs*
I'm working on a dissertation that discusses references to homosexuality in the bible and catholic doctrine and gives the historical background in the passages that supposedly condemn homosexuality. If you're interested in reading it, please email me. I'd like to see what other people think.
You can email Michelle at pentesilia@hotmail.com
Excellent, Michelle! As a recovering Catholic, I applaud you, but I hope you don't expect to get tenure at Notre Dame. -- Jay

HERO: Aaron, 19, of Toronto, Canada, writes:
I'm writing a series of books about a mythical land, which centres around the life of two young princes and their friends. I hope to get people to see that love between two guys can be just as beautiful and romantic as love between a male and a female.
[What's it like being gay?] It's pretty easy, because most people I know are very accepting. I lost my long-time boyfriend in a car accident a a while ago, so I've been alone since. Hopefully, I'll find love and happiness again someday.
[Anything else?] Just that if you ever want to talk, or maybe learn more about my book or me, or whatever, I'm always willing to hear people. I'm a studying psychologist, so I love listening...
You can email Aaron at alevitt98@hotmail.com
You will find love and hapiness again, sir, I guarantee it. -- Jay

HERO: Alexis, 16, of Daly City, CA, writes:
Right now, I'm working on a novella focused on a year in the life of a bisexual teenage girl, and her experience of true love with a lesbian. I am an actress, a singer, a songwriter- I make it very clear in my love songs what gender I'm referring to- and a poet. I think that maybe someday,when I've achieved enough experience and maturity, I'll be the first female lesbian president of the United States.
[What's it like to be lesian?] For me, it's just like being straight- the only way I feel different from straight people is in who I love. I love women, but I don't want a traditional male/female role relationship- labels suck. I want to be with a PERSON, and so it doesn't matter to me what she looks or acts like, as long as she's true to herself.

You can email Alexis at dykechick@gaymail.com
You've got my vote, Alexis! -- Jay

HERO: William, 17, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, writes:
I want to make this world more fab by introducing homosexuality into all aspects of life, especially those where it is not accepted. For example, I am a gay republican, which is practically unheard of in this day and age.
[What's it like being gay?] I love it. I don't know if I could think of life from any other way.....I sort of feel sorry for straight people becasue of their closemindedness. I can understand if you don't like it, but you have to at least give it a chance.

You can email William at tennesseefriedchicken@yahoo.com
Thanks, William! Of course, not ALL straight folk are closed-minded, right? Vote Gore-Lieberman in November! -- Jay

HERO: Sky, 14, of Milledgeville,GA, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab] im going to make a gay city with nothing but gay people
[What's it like being gay?] i feel that its ok to be whatever you want to be
[Anything else?] not really
You can email Sky at skywalker_009@hotmail.com
Thanks, Sky! But I don't think segregation is the answer.... -- Jay

HERO: David M., 28, of Mexico City, Mexico, writes:
Mexico is a very religious and conservative country. Male people thinks that cry or express feelings is only a women issue. We all are humans and we have expressions, feelings and passions that we can not omit just for the fact that we are male gender.
At the beginning, I was really confuse (because I wanted to be a Man with the "macho" education) now I live happy and I do not worry about despite of the fact that I still in the closet (for social and labor reasons).
May be I am wrong to still in the closet, however I think that my sexual life is a very private part of mine that I like to share only with the people I choose. What do you think??
You can email David M. at dave7224@yahoo.com.mx
Hard to say, David. I'm all for coming out, but I don't live in Mexico where I could get roughed up by some chango. Good luck! -- Jay

HERO: Celeste, mid 30s, of Long Island, writes:
I am an English and Science/Health teacher, teaching junior high grades. I offer my students oppportunities to explore various genres of literature and writing, and to experience the life/physical sciences, as well as research health issues. I EXPAND MINDS!
I was in a same-sex relationship during high school and college, but that changed when my friend lost interest, and the "straight" gene returned, I guess. But because of that beautiful experience, I continue to be open to life's experiences whatever that brings...you know :)
When I hear Stevie Nicks sing I get very curious!
You can email Celeste at
Here's hoping all your life's experiences will be beautiful! Thanks Celeste! -- Jay

HERO: jack, 19, of china, beijing, writes:
i would like to see china become a free and democratic country, not only for gay people (actually china has a unique attitude towards gays). i hope people would really begin to think and comprehend in other people's shoes, understanding and friendship among us all over the world. no hatred, no persecution, no killing. i want gay people to be mature enough so as to face this world with courage, faith and love.
i will never trade this identity even with all the wealth on earth. i love it, it is my true being, essential part of my existence. it is both sensational and intellectual, beautiful. it is my eye to see the world around.
wanna know china, interested in culture, politics or philosophy, wanna make friend, email me.
You can email jack at jackzzw@hotmail.com
A hearty welcome to you, Jack! It's great to hear from Beijing! - Jay

HERO: Paul, 17, of Bedford, Pennsylvania, writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab...] I think first off I would make all schools and companies doctor policies that prevented discrimination against sexual orientation. And just to make the world better make people realize that sexual orientation is not something a person decides.
[What's it like being bi?] Well I've had my ups and downs, especially in school. Because I am out with what I am and I have also had some problems with my family who think I am only confused.

You can email Paul at pthersh@nb.net
Hey Hey Paul. So get out there and MAKE all those things happen. Give your family a little time, I'm sure they're only confused. -- Jay

HERO: eve, 17, of las vegas, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i am simply eating green eggs and ham with my new lover. she's so beautiful, i wish she'd break up with her boyfriend.
[What's it like being bi?] i feel so fresh! i just broke up with my boyfriend, (who i thought i was going to spend the rest of my life) then i met "her". Poor guy!i'm still kind've new at this gay thing...tell me some stories
[What else?] great website! i was actaully looking up something for my art class (my major)and i stumbled upon this. i think i'll sleep better tonight.
You can email eve at FRISKY@prodigy.net
I think we'll ALL sleep better if you take it easy with various boyfriends. Thanks for writing, Eve! -- Jay

HERO: Jason Dream, 15, of Albion, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being nice to people
[What's it like being gay?] It's nice. I feel rather secure now that I've realised that I'm gay. Before I accepted my homosexuality I was a bit lost, really.
{Anything else?] No. I can't say there is.
You can email Jason Dream at jamesdoran85@hotmail.com
Well then there you have it. Thanks, Jason! -- Jay

HERO: Wolfen, 29, of USA, writes:
I'm trying to get people (friends anyway) back into believing in God/Catholic religion. I'm not very religious myself or anything, but I was raised a strict Catholic so I'm trying to help a little bit. I still have the beliefs, so I'd like to spread them, to make myself and others, better people.

I'm 29 and I'm proud to say that I'm still a virgin
You can email Wolfen at
Hey, Wolfen! Like you, I was raised Catholic, I'm 29, and still a virgin!!! (all right, I lied on two out of three). Thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Nicole Whitlock, 20, of Milwaukee, WI, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] giving a persuasive speech about anti-gay hate crimes and the passage of the hate crimes prevention act
[What else?] My gay friends are the greatest!

You can email Nicole Whitlock at
Thanks, Nicole! I think YOU'RE the greatest. -- Jay

HERO: Burroughs, , of Ewing,NJ, writes:
I'm channeling a book about the ancient civilizations that existed before the Flood (Noah's ark and all that stuff). The peoples of the realm of Mitzraim valued their gay citizens. When the Nephilim defeated them in the Great War that destroyed the water canopy that protected Earth from harmful radiation, they placed their survivors in suspended animation to survive the Flood.
Being gay is no different from not being gay, except it is better, and certainly more fum.
Passion is the key to happiness. A good bank account helps, but passion is the real key.
You can email Burroughs at ecurtin@msn.com
You are enchanting, Mr. Burroughs. -- Jay

Thank YOU, Jullian. (All those CAPS make me want to say BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT!) Keep us posted on the opera! -- Jay

HERO: Charles Merrill, Old, of Henderson County, N.C. (Worlds Edge Springs), writes:
[Plans to make the world more fab] Protesting the anti-gay resolution existing in my county. Calling on Hollywood filmakers to boycott film making in North Carolina until the anti-gay resolutions are rescinded. Pissing off the religious reich whenever possible.
[What's it like being gay?] After years of self discovery, wonderful. Free at last. Free at last. We must all join hands and walk to our own mountain top, buy the world a coke and put pubic hair on it.
[What else?] Your site made me laugh. Love the Paul limp wrist.
You can email Charles Merrill at Charles6@aol.com
Thanks Charles! See you on the mountain top. -- Jay

HERO: Wilfred Steele, , of St. Paul, MN, writes:
As a "recovered alcoholic" I travel twice a month to a juvenile prison to share my experience with the youngsters so that they may avoid the traps I fell into. I also give them solutions because I don't believe in sitting in the problem.
There could be nothing better for me than being gay. This is confirmed every time I see loving actions by gay people, and fine looking and DOING Gay Men!
Happy Birthday to me smile
You can email Wilfred Steele at wilredsteele@uswest.net
Happy Birthday to you, Wilfred! -- Jay

HERO: Claudia, 17, of victoria, writes:
[lans to make world more fab...] an assignment on art depicting myths and legends
i'm not gay but pretty damn good and thanx for asking
i love *****
You can email Claudia at
You're welcome, Claudia! Sorry I can't list your beloved's name (*****) without permission! -- Jay

HERO: Jeff Linden, 35, of West Hollywood, writes:
I was the first gay person to be inoculated with the AIDS Vaccine. At AIDS Research Alliance in West Hollywood, and VAXGEN in San Francisco. I did it to help others and to stop this terrible disease.

You can email Jeff Linden at jlinden@tsweek.com
Well, you sound like a hero to me! -- Jay

HERO: terrah, 18, of texarkana, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] trying to get a friend of mine to be accepted for wanting to take his boyfriend to the prom.
it's easier to be friends with a gay guy than a straight girl because you don't have to worry as much about back stabbing, although you might have to watch your man.
[Terrah is straight]
You can email terrah at klg1942@gateway.net
Thanks for the view from Texarkana, Terrah! -- Jay

HERO: Melissa, 19, of Pensacola, FL, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I want to inform, I want to march in parades, I want to be a part of everything that may one day help the world be more accepting to everything.
[What's it like being gay?] My parents want me to marry a man and have a "normal" family. I want to marry and have kids, but I want it to be based on love, not gender. I've only ever fallen in love with one person, and even after we split up I still love her. She made me realize that life doesn't always have to go by the book.
[What else?] Embrace it, rejoice in it, your own personal freedom, for its yours, and yours alone.
You can email Melissa at XenaKitten@aol.com
Not much I can add to that! You are too beautiful, Melissa! -- Jay

HERO: JOY WICOMB, 30, of CAPE TOWN, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Raise three happy, emotionally balanced children, call the shots on my life, stay honest to myself and others, study law to help the people from my disadvantaged neighbourhood, believe that love is the greatest.
[What's it like being straight?] Exciting when I have the right partner who is also as daring and openminded about sex as I am.
But I sometimes wonder....
You can email JOY WICOMB at
Sounds like you have an excellent creed, Joy! -- Jay

HERO: Stanley , 42, of Portland Oregon, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Through my courage, ingenuity, and nice guy personality, I am spreading peaceful living and acceptance of self.
[What's it like...?] Being bi means that guys have great butts in tight jeans. It also means that life gets a little confusing at times.
But God it's fun!!
You can email Stanley at ryuen@teleport.com
I'm not bi, but I certainly agree about the tight jeans part. -- Jay

HERO: Katlin Kennedy, 13, of Iowa, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] What do you mean? I'm just checking this place out...
[What's it like being gay?] Well, I found out at age 11...and, it's great! lol...I'm proud of it, and I don't really care what people think of it, because I am who I am...
[Anything else?] nope!
You can email Katlin Kennedy at smkr_420_wd@hotmail.com
What a huge advantage to be where and who you are at age 13, Katlin! You will rule the world. -- Jay

HERO: Sarah, , of Philadelphia, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] be a sponge and squeeze out all the positive aspects of our culture into a large ball of lovely, dense fuzz
[What's it like being gay?] "if a male homosexual is called 'gay', female homosexuals should be called 'ecstatic'" ~ i forget, some author
[what else?] frogs will one day rule the world...
You can email Sarah at zimmerchick@bolt.com
Well. What a unique perpective. -- Jay

HERO: Robyn, 17, of Lancaster, PA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Outwardly expressing my views and opinions and continuing to stand up for our rights... In doing this hoping that others who are silent will know they can do the same.
[What's it like being lesbian?] it's neato.
[Anything else to share?] Acceptance Diversity Equality
You can email Robyn at Buddhafuzz@aol.com
Well said, Robyn! -- Jay

HERO: Gaia, , of DKI Jakarta Raya, writes:
It is very hard for me to be a gay. I have a extraordinary strict father, and "complining" mother. If it is possible, i want to be a normal person, but that's just an "if". However i have no choice, but be honest to myself and my GOD.
Nevertheless, I will never talk about my sexual orientation to my parents, never ever. I just have to hide it the best i can from my parents and anybody. Most people do not accept gay or lesbian or bisex. That's the main reason for me to hide my sexual orientation.
I am gay or maybe bisex. But I am only interested in sex with a man. I will pretend to be straight as long as I can. However, I know sometime this won't a secret anymore and I just can't imagine what would I do when the moment come. I desperately need a suggestion about what to do.
You can email Gaia at coconude@hotmail.com
Hey Gaia, I feel for you. Talk to someone there in DKI. One day you will be free to be yourself, and know that you have infinite value no matter what anyone thinks. -- Jay

HERO: George Brett, 64, of Pretoria, South Africa, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Helping young people realise that to be gay is to be something special. To assist them to come to terms with the wonderful world of gayness - to have courage and strength to stand up and say - "I am what I am". When they hit problems and adversities and get opposition, to stand by them to let them know that they have a friend, sponsor and fierce defender.
[What's it like being gay?] It is exciting. It has its ups and downs, but you always know that there is a "family" to stand by you. When the frowns and remarks of others are aimed my way I always say, "If you have a problem with my gayness - then it is your problem, not mine!"
[Anything else?] Yes - it is time to stand up and be counted - to show the world that we DO make a difference in their everyday lives, and to encourage others to follow - no rather - walk with us.
You can email George Brett at george@picco.co.za
You've said it all, George! -- Jay

HERO: Matthew R, 21, of Tucson, AZ, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan on changing peoples perceptions. Not only on homosexuality but on life in general, so that the world will be able to live more as one. Either that or learn how to cook something more than toast.
[What's it like being gay?] It has its ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs. It's pretty much just life.
[What else?] Apples are red. Who the hell taught you that sterotypical crap? Don't you know that apples are also green, yellow, and various shades w/ or w/o specks. Oh I would also like to note that I am a bit psycho. HAHAHAHAHAH. NO beer and No t.v. make Homer.. something something.
You can email Matthew R at kmsrangel@yahoo.com
Thanks for writing in, Matt. Try getting more sleep. -- Jay

HERO: Lair Davis, 58, of San Diego, California, writes:
I am a child advocate at a social service organization that works to make life better for the millions of kids worldwide who have been disappointed, abandoned, denigrated and ignored by adults, and most particularly and horrendously, by the very adults who bred them. SOMEBODY has to do it, and since many breeders refuse to take responsibility for their own actions....
[What's it like being gay?] It is rewarding, challenging, inspiring, fulfilling -- an unmitigated joy! Just like the young girl in "The Fantasticks, "I am special! I am special! Please God, don't let me be NORMAL!"
Children in the Streets: http://www.honduras.com/children ---- Childreach: http://www.childreach.org
You can email Lair Davis at lairdav@mindspring.com
Sounds good, Lair! But we can't be too hard on the poor straight folks. Heck, my own PARENTS were straight! -- Jay (p.s. I'm a lefty too!)

HERO: Michael Raney, 30+, of Visalia, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Living life to the fullest and treating everyone like I want to be treated! I also do all I can to help the gay youth of today to come out and come to terms with who they are.
[What's it like being gay...?] It is wonderful! I, like many gay men of my generation, got married to a woman. I was not happy at all and never really lived until I was divorced and living as an openly gay man.
I have a wonderful life partner. He and I enjoy life together, just as it was meant to be.
You can email Michael Raney at ETCisme@aol.com
Visalia?? That's right up there by my ol' alma mater, Fresno State! Enjoy! -- Jay

HERO: Scott Brynildsen, 22, of Seattle, WA, writes:
I work for a non-profit agency as a youth advocate for HIV+ homeless and run-away youth. I also just released a collection of my poetry. I sit on the Seattle/King County HIV/AIDS Planning Council that advocates federal funding to local organizations involved with HIV/AIDS intervention and education.
I love being gay. I've been asked by some, "What is it like being gay?" And I reply, "It's kinda like being straight, but just a little more fun." There are times, obviously, that being gay isn't all it's cracked up to be, but I try and bear in mind that some people just don't know any better and that's part of my job; education. So, I just try to keep a clear and positive perspective and advocate in ways that I think will set a positive standard for my gay community.
I really enjoy my Cheshire cat tattoo that I have on my shoulder. =)
You can email Scott Brynildsen at sbrynildsen@hotmail.com
Well, Scott, you sound a-ok to me. Happy New Century! -- Jay

HERO: Marcus Fichtinger, 28, of München/ Bavaria/ Germany/ Europe/ Earth/ Milkyway/ Universe, writes:
Hallöchen! I wanted to build a site about Leo, too (I mean the old one), but I guess I just send you my material instead of that (I'm pretty lazy & the whole text is only available in German).
I also liked the Serge Bramly-Bio, it's quite open minded, when you compare it to other Leo-bios.
alles Gute, Marcus
You can email Marcus Fichtinger at caligari@germering.baynet.de
Ach du Lieber! I think he's talking about Leonardo da Vinci! I agree, Marcus, the Serge Bramly bio of Leo is a great one. (You can get it at the GayHeroes Bookstore!) Bitte! -- Jay

HERO: Samantha, 16, of New York, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Helping others to deal and come out about their sexuality in my school. I am very open about my sexuality and i'm helping some of the other people in my school to also be just as open about theirs.
[What's it like being gay?] It was hard at first because i wasn't sure if i would be accepted but then after i told my first person i realized that it was no big deal and i found a person who was also bi. after telling a few more people i also realized that many people don't care about what orientation you are as long as you are a friend to them and you don't get hung up on your sexuality.

You can email Samantha at cozmikroze@aol.com
Good for you, Samantha. Leading by example is the best way! -- Jay

HERO: Jamie Bouknight, 26, of Boulder, CO, writes:
I'm returning to school to study Sociology. I'm very interested in the way people's perceptions/expectations are changed by pop culture (i.e. marketing). Most gay men seem to be drowning in it.
Although it's been hard at times, at this point I try not obsess over my sexuality too much. Being a rather straight acting blue-collar type guy, I find it hard to meet nice guys sometimes. I think we need more resources like this site, so that young gay people have alternative views as to what exactly it means to be gay.
I enjoy reading about Alexander the Great. He was absolutely Nuts!!
You can email Jamie Bouknight at spinacheater@hotmail.com
Hey Jamie! Alexander's my hero too, and so are you! If you've been a good boy, ask Santa to bring you "The Nature of Alexander" by Mary Renault. You go with your blue-collar spinach-eating absolutely nuts self! -- Jay

HERO: Clif Spires, 48, of Norwalk, Ohio, writes:
My wife Joy and I helped form the Huron-Erie County (Ohio) chapter of Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). We are pleased to be the parents of two sons, one of each.
As the father of one gay son and one straight son, I can say it makes me aware of how people use language to hurt and intimidate. Our family has learned to say "...And your point is ..." when someone whispers, "So-and-so is gay/lesbian" or "Of course, you're saying there's nothing wrong with that, right?"
Our oldest son, Patrick "Rick" Robertson --- the gay one --- has been a missing person since September of 1996. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on his whereabouts (dead or alive).
You can email Clif Spires at cspiresjr@yahoo.com
Thanks for writing, Clif, and I pray your boy comes home safe and sound soon -- Jay

HERO: Patrick, 18, of Fresno, writes:
I think that I contribute to the world by just being me. I do not pass judgement on anyone. I think that if I do this and EVERYONE does this we will fulfill our own dreams and make this fab world even fabber to live in. Who gives a &%$# what anyone thinks?
I have good days and bad ones. Sometimes I get really loving people and then I come across the homophobics. It's hard to jive with people who do not accept you. It really sucks trying to meet a decent guy who is gay. It seems easy to meet people if you are straight.
You have to guess and choose if you are looking for someone of the same sex though. My friends are very cool with the fact but the parents aren't. You feel like an outsider sometimes...but only sometimes...you feel special.
You can email Patrick at patrickr18@yahoo.com
Hey Patrick! Hang in there and I hope you make the right guesses and the right choices! (I went to Fresno State, back when you were, well, UNBORN!) -- Jay

HERO: Laura, 15, of Sharon Hill, PA, writes:
i would try to make people more aware of homosexuality and i would try to end violence it might not completely work but its worth a try..it could help a little
i like being gay..i love my girlfriend with all my heart! shes my everything. i wouldn't wanna be straight if i could change it. some people know about me, and they are cool with it....i just wish i could tell more people and have them understand
I LOVE *****!!!!! (4/20/99)
You can email Laura at CUTIE87741@AOL.COM
And here you are telling more people on the Legends List! I had to ***** your girlfriend's name 'cause we don't post names without permission, but I'm sure she gets the message. -- Jay

HERO: Anne, 20, of Norway, writes:
I want to work with Amnesty International to stop torture and preach respect regardless of people's colour, sex, religion, etc. Talk to people and make them aware of all the people suffering and how little it takes do do something to improve their situation. Remind myself and others that care and love saves lifes.
[What's it like being gay?] I feel I found myself and have never felt better about my self and others! As a Christian I feel I found the meaning of life and love, by being who I am.
[What else?] Love to all my friends for all their support and love. My dear daughter for her smiles and unlimited love!!!!
You can email Anne at breann@dph.no
Well hello Anne! And hello to your dear daughter! Thanks for writing in. Please tell everyone in Norway, from Oslo to Narvik, about GayHeroes.com! -- Jay

HERO: Elisabeth, 14, of Oregon, writes:
I want to let everyone know that everybody is equal. One race isn't better than the other. We are all indivuals and have a right to our own opinion
Well i am straight and i enjoy being straight

You can email Elisabeth at nicensweetchica@yahoo.com
Good Job Elisabeth! Sounds like you've been paying attention in Civics Class! You go, girl! -- Jay

HERO: David Stevens, , of Newburyport, writes:
"The Waters of Babylon" - my novel about Lawrence of Arabia is to be published by Simon & Shuster, April 2000.
[What's it like being gay...?] It's what I am. I've never been anything else, so I can't imagine being anything else.
[What else?] Read the novel. Even though it is a novel, it tries to get the record right (I wouldn't say "straight!"). I guess it will be viciously attacked by those who deny Lawrence a love life.
You can email David Stevens at
It just might -- people sure are touchy about their heroes! But Mary Renault's The Persian Boy was well-received so you never know. I hope it's a best-seller! -- Jay

HERO: Eric, 21, of Berkeley, CA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Studying as many subjects as I can and trying to leave all the doors of life open. I want to be a doctor and a painter and a writer and an astronaut... most of all, I want to do something with my life that will inspire others.
[What's it like being gay...] Mostly, I'm confused. In my heart, I feel as if I'm bisexual... But I've never met a man that I would want to have sex with... though if I happened to meet Rupert Everett on the street I think I would melt and ask him to marry me.
[What else?] Leonardo, Michelangelo, Titian... Life is so much easier to live knowing that beauty of that caliber exists.
You can email Eric at
Doctor, painter, writer, astronaut... you sound like quite a renaissance man yourself, Eric. Don't worry about being confused or about sex -- it's not about that. When you fall in love with someone, man or woman, then you'll know. (so who died and made ME Dr. Ruth???) -- Jay

HERO: Pete Stone, 18, of Australia, writes:
I don't know i just wanna do the best i can to make this world a better place for the future generations to come
Three ways to be: live life to the fullest, YOYOB ( you own your own behaviour), love God.

You can email Pete Stone at peter_the_dwarf@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing in, Pete! -- Jay

HERO: Marc Sherland, 21+, of Glasgow City, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Press & Communication Coordinator of Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre, I single handedly built our web site using my wit and ingenuity with a little handling from my ex.
[What's it like being gay?] It's gorgeous, pink and more stimulating than my last life as a married man. In a past life I was the gay Pharoah Akhenaten.
[What else?] Ooh yeah......just let me at it......
You can email Marc Sherland at marcsher@aol.com
Here's the website address for the Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre -- http://www.gglc.org.uk -- so now we can all check out Marc's gorgeous pink wit and ingenuity. -- Jay

HERO: Amber Hadden, 21, of NC, writes:
I plan to help others deal with coming out and childhood abuse and help them know that they are just as good and powerful as "normal" people who came up in a "normal" family. And I always like to put a smile on people's faces :)
[What's it like being gay...?] It's hard at times...I am very out to family and friends, yet I am confronted with looks and whispers at times...I think we should all have pride in who and what we are, gay or straight, black or white.
[What else?] I think k.d.lang is totally awesome...and i am with the most wonderful woman on the planet and am honored to love her and to have her love...****...I love you baby...
You can email Amber Hadden at tender@imtoosexy.com
Excellent, Amber. Remember, the only thing worse than looks and whispers is NOT GETTING ANY looks and whispers. "****" means I can't mention your beautiful beloved's name without her permission. You are a fountain of good cheer! -- Jay

HERO: Jamie Halbur, 41, of South Dakota, writes:
What I am doing may not be considered grand or important by some,but I belive it is the basis of leaving the world a better place for all of us. I am raising 2 children one boy and one girl to love all their brothers and sisters here on earth without judging them or their lifestyles.

You can email Jamie Halbur at Jamie_Halbur@hotmail.com
What could be more heroic than that? You're my hero and I'll bet you're their hero too! -- Jay

HERO: Bernie Fishman , 67, of CA, writes:
I lead a great books, ideas, people discussion group using Brittanica outlines and also study world scriptures to see how the newer revelations can shed light on the earlier religions.

You can email Bernie Fishman at
Excellent, Bernie! It's all related.... -- Jay

HERO: Robin, 15, of Minnesota, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] become the president and make congress and the world a better place. and become rich also

[What else?] life sucks sometimes and just live it the best you can
You can email Robin at stiffy121@hotmail.com
Attaboy Robin! Aim high and cheer up (and become rich also!)! -- Jay

HERO: Hicks, 32, of Washington state, writes:
I try to use the internet to track anti-gay related stories and respond to them.
[What's it like being gay...?] Fine, I am a Christian, happy in a a long term relationship and wanting to do something to change the attitude of non-gay people out there.

You can email Hicks at Rowdydog1@excite.com
Hey there Hicks! Getting people involved in discussions is what the internet is best at! You go, Rowdydog! -- Jay

HERO: Marcus Kelly, 27, of Salinas, CA, writes:
In our world it is important that we not forget that there are people dying every day, from HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. I am doing my part to spread the word that IT AIN'T COOL to hurt the one you love either physically or by talking them into not wearing a condom. There are many ways to hurt the ones you love.
It is especially difficult being a single gay parent. There is always someone with some sort of judgement of me or my kids.
A young person who should be nationally recognized as an outstanding educator among his peers is **** of Salinas CA.
You can email Marcus Kelly at www.queensunite@hotmail.com
Hey there Marcus! Hats off to you - I bet you've saved a life or two so far. I'd love to recognize your outstanding educator but we don't use people's names on the Legends List without their permission. I think you're totally great to mention him! -- Jay

HERO: MacMiller, 26, of Aberdeen, Scotland, writes:
Handel is such an inspirational gay hero for those of us who feel you don't have to be part of the System to enjoy music. I'm organising a Handel-themed extravaganza baroque/pyrotechnic/dance event for our student union here in Aberdeen. The centrepiece of our grand event will be a modern dance showdown between Handel and his greatest heterosexual rival Bach.
[What's it like being gay...?] I'm loving it! Since I came out I've found Aberdeen to be the most outrageous place. Some of the clubs, I tell you... talk about buff trade!
Boys, get into computers... they're not as soulless as they seem! I'm a machine learning expert and I'm struggling to teach my PC how to talk to me politely... Also, where do those Christians get off! My hero is Richard Dawkins. What a scientist!
You can email MacMiller at
Your Handel project sounds GREAT! Send reviews -- I'd love to hear how it comes out. You use a PC? I'd think everyone in Scotland would prefer a Mac.... -- Jay

HERO: Andrew Jackson, 22, of Kuala Lumpur but I'm from USA, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I'm gonna live my life to the fullest and make everyone happy... especially the man that I LOVE with all my heart and body and soul....
[What's it like being gay...] So far it's been cool, but I haven't really been to any of the Pride Marches (maybe soon) I'm very comfortable with myself and the way I live (celibate) and maybe I plan to adopt kids someday. Have a family of my own to share my life and the life of the man I love with.
[What else?] I just love my baby. He's so CUTE. I love you, ***.
You can email Andrew Jackson at gunnerboy21@yahoo.com
*** = we don't mention people's names here at GayHeroes.com without their permission, but it sure sounds like you're in love to me! Another Kuala Lumpurian (see Anasa Jacob, below). You go, Gunnerboy!

HERO: Vice President Al Gore, 51, of Washington, D.C., writes:
Dear Friends: Greetings to everyone taking part in the 1999 Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration. This year's celebration – "Prideful Past, Powerful Future" – is particularly significant in this, the 30th anniversary of the Stonewall riots of 1969 and the beginning of the modern gay and lesbian movement.
The diversity of our people is the source of our strength. Our nation's success depends on our ability to value the positive contributions that every member of our society can make. I will continue to support the right of every American to succeed without the burden of discrimination.
Tipper joins me in thanking you for your commitment to our nation and its fundamental values of inclusion, opportunity, and respect for every individual. Please accept our warmest personal regards.
You can email Vice President Al Gore at vice.president@whitehouse.gov
It's still pretty amazing to hear the president & vice-president addressing gays & lesbians! They've got my vote! -- Jay

HERO: Andres, 40, of Spain, writes:
I am a language teacher. I try to help people see that speaking well implies not putting people down for what they chose to be or are, that racism is sick. I try hard at being happy and make others around me happy too. This is the best we can do to alter the equation gay = lonely, sick, unhappy.
[What's it like being gay...?] It is nice,like eveything natural ought to be. There is a lot of internalized shame we must take out off ourselves, but on the other hand I believe being gay has brought me closer to all pèople undergoing suffering or oppression in the world. And there are a lot of them.
Stand fast!
You can email Andres at carrillo4@yahoo.com
Awesome Attitude, Andres! Vaya con Dios! -- Jay

HERO: MisteryShadow, 16, of USA, writes:
I'm helping martial artists learn how to control their inner power (ki) to allow them to understand themselves and the world around them better. My website is at The Official Martial Art Ki Page.
Anyone who wants to learn the true way of the scholar warrior is invited to come and learn from my experiences (no religious content or faith to adapt either. Just exercises that anyone can learn.)
I'm straight (I found this site looking for legends and saw Joan of Arc) and a guy so I obviously like girls. I think anybody has a choice to be who they are so I don't bash others for following different paths than mine.
You can email MisteryShadow at
Such wisdom from one so young, Mister MysteryShadow. Orientation isn't a choice, but we do have a choice to embrace who we are or not. Surely that's an essential step towards controlling one's inner power (ki)? Best of luck on the true way of the scholar warrior. -- Jay

HERO: Joshua aka Adrien, 18, of Trezevant, TN, writes:
I plan to be a gay rights activist, to legalize gay marrige and adoption, change all of the misconceptions about us, and tell the whole world that it's GREAT TO BE GAY! I want people to see that I am a noble person with high morals and even higher standards for what I expect out of people around me. My best wishes to you all.
Being gay has opened so many doors for me and it has also caused much grief in my life. A piece of advice for the straight guys reading this: If you want to get the girl tell her you're gay. I swear it works like a charm. People will open up to me sooner than many of my straight friends because of my different view of things. I love to help out when I can.
I'm single. Can anyone fix that for me?
You can email Joshua aka Adrien at adrien70@hotmail.com
You've got a heroic agenda planned! But I bet you don't REALLY want people fibbing about their orientation so they can "get the girl". Thanks for writing, Joshua/Adrien! -- Jay

HERO: Dave, , of Canada, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Being true to myself... I don't think it should really be an issue... Your gay who cares? I'm straight and you don't hear me bragging!?!?! LOL J/k ;-)
I mean when you think about it, it does'nt matter if your gay, lesbian, straight, green, blue, a christian, buddhist... We are all humans and we should treat each other with respect and dignity no matter what are situation is...
Yeap, I'm kindda disappointed to find out Richard Lionheart & Alexander the Great were gay... I always kindda figure Da Vinci and Michelangelo were gay so no surprises there... Anyway, I really like the site alhough I think it would be good if you added the sources to the literature you used, but all-in-all, I liked it...
You can email Dave at
Are you "kindda disappointed" that Einstein was Jewish and Martin Luther King was black? The sources are on the page (like Encyclopedia Britannica for Richard) or in the GayHeroes Bookstore. Glad you liked it -- tell everyone! -- Jay

HERO: Vytautas Pliura, 47, of Lost Angeles, Ca, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] writing a novel called Resurrection of the Heart so that there can be a better understanding about gayness and bi-sexuality
I find the gay world self-absorbed and not willing to reach out to others in pain or accept their own fears or inadequacies, gay men are very age-ist and looks-ist and seem to be superficial to avoid some of their worst fears, intimacy or the lack of it, friends vs sexuality
I've been in three major poetry anthologies in the past couple years, GENTS, BADBOYS AND BARBARIANS, BETWEEN THE CRACKS, AND A DAY FOR A LAY; A CENTURY OF GAY POETRY (including Auden, Ginsberg, Genet, Lorca, Picano, Cavafy)
You can email Vytautas Pliura at vytautasp@aol.com
Hey Mr. V.P. Sorry you find the gay world so disappointing. I'm sure it's not ALL that bad.... Congrats on your publications. (We never read "Between the Cracks" at Fresno State....) -- Jay -- p.s. Anyone with great stories about being gay should e-mail this guy!

HERO: Jessica, (how old?) not very, of Ontario, writes:
I'd like to give love and kindness to everyone around me that needs it. In hopes that they would then share it with others. Cus this old world of ours sure could use it.
Being bi is like being able to love with total freedom. You love someone for who they are not for what sex they might be.
Go see a play. Support the arts!
You can email Jessica at aeon922@hotmail.com
Excellent advice! Thanks, Jessica! -- Jay

HERO: Susie Scully, 20, of Dublin Ireland, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Give all my friends a big kiss and tell them to pass it on.
[What's it like being gay?] If i close my eyes and made a wish and it would come true I would wish for gayness the whole world through!!!
[What else?] Yeh, If you ever go to Kilkenny, Look for the hole in the wall, You get 24 eggs for a penny, And me for nothing at all!!
You can email Susie Scully at sandstorm_101@hotmail.com
24 eggs for a penny? Such a deal!!! Thanks for a lovely batch o' blarney, Susie! Erin Go Bragh! -- Jay

HERO: patrice, 31, of nyc, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] I plan to make everyone understand that a healthy fit body is not an expensive but a natural and inalienable right. I help create the love of ones's body by doing all activities that will maintain health.
[What's it like being gay...] It is liberating. It helps me see the world in a deeper more person centered way I try to be less judgmental I know when I am really happy and when I feel really sad I am in tune with my feelings. When one has to think about every action and daily existence, we tend to be more careful and in tune with others.
[What else?] Live love laugh share follow through pray believe have faith search for purpose daily know that each breath is a miracle live
You can email patrice at banaluca @aol.com
Thanks for the stream-of-consciousness, Patrice! -- Jay

HERO: Ares, (how old?) a lot for a god, of (lives where?) I'll visit father in heaven but I spend time with my pal Hades in the underworld most of the time, writes:
I'm going to create the world's biggest war. Then I'll bring down Athena from heaven and kill her. If I'm wounded, I will be healed by father and get back to killing her husband for revenge on everything Athena has done to me.
I'm not gay or a lesbian. I am married to the goddess of love and beauty, Amphrodite.
I'm going to send you to the underworld for Hades sooner or later. You wait and see!
You can email Ares at ares@wargods.hel
(In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war, same as the Roman god Mars.) Here's hoping you get over this war thing (it's SO dated!) and get a real job for the new milennium, Mr. A. My Bullfinch's "Age of the Fable" says Aphrodite (Venus) was married to Hephaestus (Vulcan). I'm sure she forgives you for misspelling her name. -- Jay

HERO: Gregory, 51, of Indianapolis IN, writes:
I've produced a public access show called Gay TV for ten years. Plus I think just being out helps other people come out themselves.
I have lost relatives and limited some friendships, but I gained myself, self acceptance, pride, love and and a wonderful life partner. Also I now have friends who are worthy of being my friends and have created my own family.
Sex is fast and easy. Love takes time and is more difficult, but gives life all that is beautiful. We never "had to" get married. We marry because we love.
You can email Gregory at gregorymcd@yahoo.com
Good job, Gregory, thanks for writing! -- Jay -- p.s. What's the TV station? I'll list it here.

HERO: Anansa Jacob, 18, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, writes:
Make everyone understand that it's perfectly alright to be different and that no two people are the same. Everyone is entitled to his or her own stand in life. If you love somebody with all your heart, then to hell with everybody else. Love conquers all!
Being bisexual has so far been okay for me. I've fallen for more women than men, but that's been alright so far. I am currently in a relationship with my ex-classmate who loves me a lot and I love her. All our friends in school knew about us and it was okay with them. They said that it didn't matter and that they were still our friends.
I think that being gay or lesbian is not the most important thing in the world; what matters most is the type of person you are, whether you are kind, loving, etc. If you love somebody, then nothing else matters. Just follow your own heart and be true to yourself.
You can email Anansa Jacob at ajac21@hotmail.com
From the far side of the globe you've warmed my heart, Anasa! -- Jay

HERO: Kristen Carroll, 22, of NH, writes:
I'm doing what I can to get my life in order so that I can be a leader in the gay religious world. I don't want others to go through what I did reconciling my faith with my sexuality. I am currently on a journey to find the soulforce (www.soulforce.org) of our journey as glbt's. We have been oppressed for far to long, and I want to be a part of the movement to gain our rights as people!
[What's it like being gay?] It's totally awesome, and I am so glad that God chose me for this exciting role in life! Gay live is not without its struggles by any means, but I find them exciting.
If you don't know that God loves you, (s)he does! Please contact me, or check out www.ufmcc.com ! Homosexuality is a gift, not a burden.
You can email Kristen Carroll at quesi@hotmail.com
Kristen Carroll, you're my hero!! I hope you looked at the "Paul the Apostle" page here at GayHeroes.com & read up on Bishop Spong. Testify, sister!!! -- Jay

HERO: Erik , 15, of Mexico City, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Be the first open bisexual in school
[What's it like being gay?] It is an incredible sensation like nothing else
[What else?] I love the song "WHITE RABBIT"
You can email Erik at erikz@solar.sar.net
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane? You've got good taste! Thanks for writing in, Erik! -- Jay

HERO: Mike Stephan, 19, of Oxford, OH (Miami University), writes:
I am in a student theater group dedicated to promoting diversity. We deal with everything from race issues to sexual orientation to sexism and ageism. I really hope it opens people's eyes and hearts to all the people that our society excludes every day.
I am not gay, but I have tremendous respect for the struggles that my gay friends endure on a daily basis. I am also very glad to know so many people with hearts so big! I have the greatest adoration and respect for my theater troupe advisor and my lesbian friend back home. You guys are AWESOME!!!
Ignorance is worse than hatred. If you're educated about something and still dislike it, so be it. But if you're ignorant and dislike it, shut up and learn about it, then open your mouth!
You can email Mike Stephan at stephamc@po.muohio.edu
You tell 'em, Mike - you're my hero! -- Jay

HERO: Andrew mercer, 16, of west virgina, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] turning everyone i can my way
[What's it like being gay?] great!
[What else?] men are my world
You can email Andrew mercer at
I don't think we can "turn" anyone gay or straight, if that's what you mean Mr. Mercer! And don't cut half the world out of your world! Thanks for writing! -- Jay

HERO: Lindsay DeLeeuw, 17, of Kalamazoo,Mi, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] Sell Candy on the streets
[What's it like being gay?] it's fine being straight
[What else?] **** is so cool
You can email Lindsay DeLeeuw at hera463@aol.com
We can't mention names without their permission here on GayHeroes.com, but thanks for writing, Lindsay DeLeeuw from Kalamazoo! And let's have some of that candy over here! -- Jay

HERO: mary libby, 22, of ann arbor michigan, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] making my fab self even fabber
[What's it like being gay...] the fabbest
[Anything else to share?] my hair
You can email mary libby at atuffchick@hotmail.com
Well, heck, here I was thinking it's all about ME but I guess I was wrong! You go with your fab hair, Mary! -- Jay

HERO: Donnie Gentry, 41, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, writes:
I am a trainer/instructor for people who are learning to work with people with disabilities (mental retardation). I always inform my students of recognizing sexual preference and the basic human right to express that sexuality.
I am very lucky. I came out to my parents 20 years ago and they have been supportive ever since. I have been in a monogamous relationship for 19 years, and just two years ago, my partner's parents accepted us.
The two people I see as the heroes in my life are my Mom and Dad. They nutured and loved me through all the tough times and never judged me.
You can email Donnie Gentry at drgentry@hotmail.com
Hey Donnie! What a great story! Welcome to the Legends List and hooray for all four parents. -- Jay

HERO: Jordan, , of Canada, writes:

I'm amazed that you didn't include one of the most famous gay men in history...in my opinion he rivals Alexander: King David. Site well done!
You can email Jordan at
Thanks Jordan! You're right. I hope King David makes the next round of GayHeroes, with Oscar Wilde and J. Edgar Hoover. So many Gay Heroes, so little time.... -- Jay

HERO: Greg, 36, of California, writes:
I work in the public safety field as a 911 operator/dispatcher
No one knows about the "gay" side of my life. So far I have repressed those feelings that I have for other men. It is torturous to live the lies I do, but I am not brave enough to come out. So much for being a Hero....
The world we live in seems to be moving towards more tolerance. It may not come in my lifetime but I hope it does for the next generation. Peace and Love conquers all, please be focus on our similarities rather than our differences....
You can email Greg at paladinpaladin@yahoo.com
When I came out, fairly late like you, everyone already knew. They were just wondering when I was going to admit it -- to trust the people I love with the truth. Face it -- THEY KNOW. Trust them and yourself. The truth will set you free. Free to be a Hero. -- Jay

HERO: Marta, 35, of Portland, Maine, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] Become an openly gay priest.
[What's it like to be gay...] Difficult in a Christian world.
[Anything else to share...] If **** is reading this I want her to know I would love to date her!
You can email Marta at
We don't mention names without their permission here on HM&L, but, Marta, come on! Get on the phone and ask her out! -- Jay

HERO: ahmad, 19, of amman, jordan, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab...] i'm looking for gays broken souls to remake it
[What's it like to be gay...] it's wonderful to be gay
[Anything else to share...] love with open-minded people
You can email ahmad at deathmania@usa.net
All right then, Ahmad. Thanks for writing in! (deathmania? Well, keep smiling.) -- Jay

HERO: The people of Britain, various ages, of Britain, duh!, writes:
British tabloids recently ran articles screaming that several British Cabinet Members are gay. The story started when Welsh Secretary Ron Davies resigned after he was robbed in a park known for gay cruising.
In response, the British public said: who cares? A poll showed most Brits think that homosexuality is morally acceptable and not an impediment to high government office.
Agriculture Minister Nick Brown, Culture Minister Chris Smith, and Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Mandelson are reported by the Times of London as being gay.
You can email The people of Britain at
The country that gave us the Magna Carta, The Beatles, and Monty Python strike another blow for fair play. Rule, Britannia! -- Jay

HERO: Anthony, 25, of Dallas, Texas, writes:
I am a school teacher and I feel it is most important to teach not only my curriculum, but also to teach tolerance and acceptance. Maybe my students' parents are not accepting, but by God my students will be! Then, they can teach their parents!
I feel that my orientation is a part of me that is personal, and like all other aspects of me, it makes its mark and blends with my other traits to make me who I am.
I think Carol Channing is the BOMB!
You can email Anthony at ANTNEW218@aol.com
Talk about your Heroes -- teachers are the biggest heroes on the planet! I think Anthony is the BOMB! -- Jay

HERO: Greg, 18, of Salem, CT, writes:
[Plans to make world more fab] Ending discrimination, at least trying to in my own ways.
[What's it like being gay? (Greg is straight)] Can you really help who you fall in love with? I think it's as normal as anything else.
[Anything else to share?] Celebrate diversity, don't condemn it.
You can email Greg at excali5033@aol.com
Sounds to me like you've already pulled the sword from the stone. I hope you feel like the once & future king! You go, Greg! -- Jay

HERO: Spyros M.Duke, 22, of amsterdam, writes:
[plans to make the world more fab] treat everybody the way i wanna be treated.
[what's it like being gay?] it's just a boring situation
[anything else to share?] love
You can email Spyros M.Duke at sm_duke@yahoo.com
Well there you have it, all the way from laconic Amsterdam! (I don't know much about the Amsterdam gay scene, but "boring"???) Thanks for writing, Mr. Duke! -- Jay

HERO: Robert Frew, 21, of Sydney, Australia, writes:
I have been, before 1998, a youth representative to the U.N., a speaker for the Lions Club of Australia, and in 1998, was the sexuality officer at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur in Australia. I set up the first queer student collective in our region, and developed the first national sexuality campaign for regional areas.
To be gay is not to define yourself by your sexuality. It is a part of me, but not my whole. I am many things, diverse, complex, and my sexuality is an enriching part of that experience. Life as a gay man is fantastic, my eyes are more open than many of my straight friends, and I feel so much that others will never know.

You can email Robert Frew at uwsqueer@hotmail.com
Eloquently spoken, Mr. Frew! Please be our guest at GayHeroes.com often and tell your down-under mates all about us. (Um, what does a "sexuality officer" do? We never had those when I was at Fresno State....) Cheers! -- Jay

HERO: Jonathan, 29, of CA, writes:
[what would make the world more fab?] humility and honesty no matter what the outcome.
[what's it like being gay?] always feel convicted yet able to talk and pray to God about my problems.
[anything else to share?] love and lots of it.
You can email Jonathan at
Thanks Jonathan! -- Jay

HERO: Lucy, 20, of San Francisco, writes:
[what would make the world more fab?] teaching people to find and fulfill their dreams, by fulfilling mine.
[what's it like being gay?] It is the way I am, the way I like to be.

You can email Lucy at lythir@hotmail.com
Thanks for writing, Lucy! -- Jay

HERO: Will C. Gaines, 34, of Los Angeles , writes:
[plans...] Write a book on the virtues of peace, love. Perform a one-man verse-play accompanied by various forms of music which deals with issues of healing, spirituality, racial understanding.
[what's it like being gay?] Mystifying....

You can email Will C. Gaines at soulchildg@aol.com
Sounds like you've got some heroic plans, Mr. Gaines! -- Jay

HERO: Angel, 19, of lomita ca, writes:
[plans to make the world more fab] running a organization for childern and/or young adults who have been abused and is not wanted anymore
[what's it like being gay?] for me it is a really deep relationship with a man or a woman for whom you care really care about as a person not just some piece of meat

You can email Angel at
No carnivores here! Thanks for writing, Angel! -- Jay

HERO: David Sandifar, 22, of Bradenton, Florida, writes:
I plan on working at Albertsons for the rest of my natural born life..and promoting GAY PRIDE to the world so people will learn to live in peace and harmony!!
Being gay is wondeful..Men treat you so much better than women do. I tried the straight thing and always ended up hurt.
I want to admit to the world that i am madly in love with my coworker ***!! We are on the night crew together at work and some times spend lots of time "alone" at night, doing wonderful things!! God its great to be free!
You can email David Sandifar at
David! No generalizations about people here at GayHeroes please! Maybe women don't want a gay man who's trying "the straight thing". It is great to be free -- to have privacy like everyone else but no "secrets" to hide. But with freedom comes responsibility; know what I mean? Give my best to *** and you two knock it off and get some more Cheerios on aisle four! -- Jay (*** can't mention any names on GayHeroes without their permission.)

HERO: Diana Wieler, 36, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, writes:
I'm an author for young adults. My second novel (of six) was kind of this groundbreaking book of hockey, homosexuality and violence, called Bad Boy. I'm now planning another book with an exciting gay main character, about the redeeming quality of love in dangerous circumstances.
The great thing about being a writer is that you get to be everybody, envision and play out every part. I've always had a deep affinity for gay people, and it seems like a fascinating human journey. Straight is fun, too. Being human is fun!

You can email Diana Wieler at www.makersgallery.com/wieler/
Thanks for writing in, Diana! I'm going to list your book in the GayHeroes Bookstore! -- Jay

HERO: Keith, 24, of West Michigan, writes:
[How are you making the world more fab?] I'm a peaceful Pagan. I'm an organic gardener. I volunteer at the local Food Kitchen once a week.
[What's it like to be gay?] It has taught me to look beyond the surface to the person within. It has taught me that the world is filled with different types of people.
[What else?] There is nothing more beautiful than the male body. The eyes and hands are what first draw my attention.
You can email Keith at Ssam361876@aol.com
Right on, Keith! Peaceful Pagans rock! -- Jay

HERO: Deb Price, , of The Detroit News, writes:
Gay rights struck an intellectual and emotional chord with Goldwater. As he told me in a letter four years ago, "I have a grandson who is gay and a niece who is gay. They are my family, and my views have never changed. I feel that a person, under the Constitution, can do as they please."
Goldwater will go down in history as a freedom-loving American who reminded our nation that being gay-friendly is neither Democratic nor Republican, neither liberal nor conservative: It is merely reasonable and just.
On June 13, at its annual awards dinner, the Arizona Human Rights Fund will pay tribute to Goldwater, an irreplaceable ally who once joked, "Well, I guess I am pretty much an honorary gay."
You can email Deb Price at accent@detnews.com
See below for more about Goldwater -- Jay

HERO: Dave, , of www.netimpact.net, writes:
In addition to info on gay heroes, maybe you should also have a section listing famous supporter of gay rights, such as Barry Goldwater who just died today at age 89. CNN has this to report:
In the last years of his life, Goldwater's outspokeness generated controversy among some conservative fans. While he actively backed GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole in 1996, Goldwater's support for individual rights concerning controversial issues like abortion and homosexual rights angered many Christian conservatives.
"The rights that we have under the Constitution covers anything we want to do, as long as its not harmful. I can't see any way in the world that being a gay can cause damage to somebody else," Goldwater said.
You can email Dave at hosting@netimpact.net
What a great idea, Dave! We'll post them right here on the LEGENDS LIST! (Dave runs the web hosting service for GayHeroes.com at NetImpact - I recommend him for all your web needs. He's great!) - Jay

HERO: Jay, 45, of GayHeroes.com, writes:
More on Senator Goldwater from Robert Scheer in the L.A. Times:
In his last years, Goldwater emerged as one of the bravest proponents of civil rights for gays. Goldwater, who had one openly gay grandson, wrote "Gays and lesbians are part of every American family. They should not be shortchanged in their efforts to better their lives and serve their communities."
He further incurred the wrath of the religious right for supporting gays in the military. "You don't need to BE straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to SHOOT straight." He urged Congress to find "the courage to rally the troops in support of ending this un-American discrimination."
You can email Jay at jay@gayheroes.com
Just goes to show heroism can pop up in the most amazing places. R.I.P., Senator! -- Jay

HERO: President Bill Clinton, 51, of Washington D.C., writes:
THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration, 1998: Warm greetings to everyone taking part in the 1998 Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebration.
Our ideals and our history hold that the rights guaranteed us as Americans are inalienable. They are embedded in our Constitution and amplified over time by our courts and legislature, and I am bound by oath of office and the burden of history to reaffirm them.
Working together, I am confident that we can enter the 21st century as One America. Best wishes for a wonderful celebration. Bill Clinton President, United States of America
You can email President Bill Clinton at president@whitehouse.gov
I got this off the New York City Gay Pride website: www.gaynyc.com. It's President Clinton's message to the 1998 NYC Gay Pride Festival. - Jay

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