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Joan of Arc was NOT a lesbian. Let's get that clear right off the bat -- there's no evidence whatsoever of her sexual orientation. What's more, she's one of the few people in history who had her virginity proven: the Queen of France and her Ladies, trying to determine if she was a fake, examined Joan and declared her "a virgin true and entire"! Even her enemies examined her, after she was captured, and as much as they would have loved to declare Joan a whore, they had to admit she was a virgin.






France ca. 1400 was in hell: the Hundred Years War with England, not to mention the Black Plague and general famine. The King of France had gone mad and slain some of his nobles. The Queen took over and began sleeping with his brother.
Joan of Arc - death
When the brother was assassinated, she ended up sleeping with the assassin -- a rival Duke who was in cahoots with the English! She disowned her son the Dauphin, declaring him a bastard, and signed a treaty handing France over to the English.





Joan of Arc


Joan was born in a village just outside of France. When she was a teenager she began having visions and hearing voices whom she identified as St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret. She took a vow of virginity, which was not merely a renunciation of sexual pleasure, for a woman it was an essential declaration of freedom from control and domination by men. Her Voices then told her to go save the city of Orleans which was besieged by the English and to take the Dauphin to be crowned King of France at Rheims.
Miraculously, she did it.





Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc

GayHeroes.comWearing men's clothes because she was doing men's work, as a disguise, and because it helped her fend off groping guys, she went to the Dauphin and picked him out of a crowd where he was hiding to test her. She was able to raise the eight-month-old siege of Orleans in four days. Under her inspiration, the heretofore useless French army conquered its way to Rheims, where the Dauphin, who might best be described as a loser, a wimp, and an ingrate (he had prudently kept away from the battles), was crowned.





Dumped by the King once he was crowned, Joan was ultimately captured by the English.

Joan of Arc

They needed to prove she was a witch, so they could say all she had accomplished against them was Satan's doing instead of God's will. When they burned her at the stake she was 19 years old.

Joan of Arc hat

At least she got to wear this fabulous hat, which says "heretic, relapsed, apostate, idolater".

Joan of Arc





Joan of ArcIf I were commanded to renounce my sexuality or be burned, what would I do? Could I stand up like Joan and pay the ultimate price? Can you even imagine being burned to death, on purpose? Though her trial was overturned and she was ultimately canonized a saint by the very church who had burned her, all this was too late to help Joan. This incredible woman was one of the first people in the world to assert that the highest authority of all (God?) lives within us and cannot be imposed from without. Thus she lived the terrifying and awesome task of overcoming any distinction between God and us, of becoming an individual who fully possesses and wills to be herself, even in the face of the most hideous consequences. God is that this is possible, both as a promise and as a demand. Can you do it?





Talk about Girl Power!!! Joan bent to her will the most violent world of men though she was just a girl. She was successful in battle after battle though she had no military training. She mingled with princes, cardinals, and kings, though she was a peasant cow-keeper. She confounded the most learned theologians of her day though she could barely spell her own name. Most of all, she was true to herself and her feelings despite having all the most powerful authorities of her day against her. Joan chose death rather than give up her convictions. She changed the world, without killing or f***ing anybody, pardon my French. For everyone, gay or straight, man or woman, this makes Joan of Arc a true hero. Joan's heroism in defying corrupt authority, refusing to submit to gender roles, and being true to her own convictions GayHeroes.commakes her an essential part of


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